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0012658Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2024-06-11 05:11
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Product Version50.11 
Summary0012658: Traction bench changes sprite on save game reload
DescriptionI placed a mica traction bench in my fortress and, initially, the sprite appeared correctly. After reloading my saved game, I noticed that the sprite changed to the default traction bench sprite rather than the mica one. I have a screenshot that demonstrates this, where you can see that it shows the correct sprite in the dialog box after clicking on the traction bench, but the in-game sprite is incorrect. I can send the screenshot if needed (don't see a way to upload here). On a related note, I've also seen where sometimes the sprite in the dialog box is completely unrelated.
Steps To Reproduce1. Place mica traction bench
2. Save game, return to main menu, close game
3. Re-open game and load save file
4. Traction bench sprite is not the same
Tagsimage, Sprites, traction bench



2024-06-11 04:56

reporter   ~0042248

Had a similar problem with my traction bench. Their sprite, in game and in dialog boxes, were those of brook tiles and water. I believe it was also linked to reloading the game.

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