0012184: [General] Unexpected overwrites of save folders
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Released 2023-10-03
0012018: [Technical -- Saving/Loading] Crash to Desktop on loading game during Loading Units phase (lethosor)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2022-12-06
0011028: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Calendar view y-axis doesn't scale correctly with window height when simulating world for a few days before new game (Toady One)
1 issue View Issues
0010936: [Creatures] Grasshoppers aren't actually vermin. (user1294)
0011133: [Dwarf Mode -- Non-dwarf Citizens] Interrupted by visitors (Outpost Liaison included) (Loci)
0008410: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Crash due to zero-size weasel (lethosor)
0011549: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Crash when off-site werecreature gives birth (lethosor)
0006941: [World Generation -- General] DEFAULT_TYPE:DARK_FORTRESS incompatible with some POSITION tokens (modding) (Toady One)
5 issues View Issues
0011255: [Combat -- General] "Random summon" interaction summons vermin as if they were roaming creatures (Toady One)
0011293: [Adventure Mode -- Buildings] Keep in human fortress has inaccessible rooms, incomplete staircases (Toady One)
0011412: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Profiles] 2 starting dwarves gets married, does not update relationship screen (Toady One)
0011411: [Legends Mode -- Historical Figures] Incorrect, random <concluder_hfid> in concluded agreement event after reunion (Toady One)
0007444: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Sparring dwarves (and other creatures) can knock each other through walls with charge attacks (Toady One)
       0010708: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Sparring dwarves randomly teleported 70 tiles and 50 zlevels into magma (Toady One)
0011389: [Sites] Shrines in generated fortresses don't have walls (Toady One)
0011363: [Dwarf Mode -- Visitors] Loyalty cascade after guests kill human thief. (Toady One)
0009486: [Dwarf Mode -- Non-dwarf Citizens] Building Destroyer visitors destroy the tavern (Toady One)
0011388: [Technical -- General] Game started freezing at random, then freezed indefinitely (Toady One)
0011380: [Legends Mode -- Map Export] Crash during export of detailed "structures" map in DF Legends mode (Toady One)
11 issues View Issues
0010490: [Dwarf Mode -- Skills and Professions] "Spy" arrives as part of migrant group (Toady One)
0008374: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Dwarves injured in hospital zone are not recovered and will not rest (Toady One)
0011273: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Can't build altars (Toady One)
0011324: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] "Stress" section on Thoughts and Preferences screen uses dwarf's original name instead of nickname (Toady One)
0011335: [Legends Mode -- History Export] <site_entity_id> and <civ_entity_id> of "entity breach feature layer" event point both to same entity (Toady One)
0011346: [Legends Mode -- History Export] <acquirer_enid> is always -1 in "building profile acquired" event (Toady One)
0011343: [Legends Mode -- Historical Figures] "hfs formed reputation relationship" event sometimes has the same <hfid1> and <hfid2> (Toady One)
0011329: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Adding certain [NATURAL_SKILL] tags to dwarves causes crash on embark (Toady One)
0010887: [Pathfinding] Game hangs/freezes after forbidding passage through specific floor hatch, likely due to chained animal pathing (Toady One)
0010244: [Adventure Mode -- Buildings] Crash after trying to delete and renaming a zone/location (Toady One)
0011325: [Dwarf Mode -- Locations] Doctor guild (Toady One)
0011019: [Adventure Mode -- Retirement] When i try to unretire my adventurer instead it makes me play as a random historical figure. (Toady One)
0011344: [Legends Mode -- General] In the "attacked site" event, the defender can also be the mercenaries that are hired by the attackers (Toady One)
0011361: [General] Militia dwarves start killing citizens after barony elevation of fort. 47.02 (Toady One)
0011359: [Adventure Mode -- Character Creation] Game crash on character unretire (Toady One)
0011342: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] Adventure mode save, crashes upon moving in fast travel (Toady One)
16 issues View Issues
0011304: [Adventure Mode -- Character Creation] Crash upon trying to use modded-in creatures in Adventure Mode (Toady One)
0011326: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Consistent, reproducible crash in the testing arena (Toady One)
0011268: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Mount controls direction of the adventurer after fast traveling while mounted (Toady One)
0011224: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Asking a Pet to Wait is Permanent (Toady One)
0011225: [Adventure Mode -- General] Waiting Pet Becomes Recruit When Fast Traveling (Toady One)
0011289: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Pets drops hauled items when attacking somebody (Toady One)
0011308: [Adventure Mode -- Display] Intrigue tab 'actors' has expand prompt, but cannot be expanded. (Toady One)
0011309: [Adventure Mode -- Display] Intrigue tab 'plots' cannot be scrolled through. (Toady One)
0011305: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Cannot view hearthperson duty request in dialogue; "I am confused" response from the player character (Toady One)
0011244: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Option to ask for duty pertaining heartsperson is hidden but selectable in conversation. (Toady One)
0011231: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Childcare] Mothers with babies walk around randomly instead of working (Toady One)
0011263: [Legends Mode -- Map Export] Criminal Network maps don't show the network. (Toady One)
0011247: [Adventure Mode -- Character Creation] Point cost for adjusting equipment quality does not account for number of items in stack. (Toady One)
0011298: [Legends Mode -- History Export] XML Export of some new events does not include their type (Toady One)
0011290: [World Generation -- Parameters] Medium World Size with Very High Number of Civilizations impossible to gen (Toady One)
0011251: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Several dwarves often have cave adaption upon entering the embark site. (Toady One)
0011270: [Adventure Mode -- Character Creation] Selecting a home does not reset beliefs if the only option is "none" (Toady One)
0011280: [Adventure Mode -- General] The name of a claimed pet does not display, after receiving a name by killing a sentient being (Toady One)
0011214: [Creatures] Inorganic creatures crash game on viewing their description if they do not have a recent thought (Toady One)
0011192: [Adventure Mode -- General] Adventurers trying to view their own description frequently crash game (Toady One)
0010831: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Mod Testing Arena - Crash On Viewing Own Description (Toady One)
0011249: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Game crashes shortly after loading and unpausing (Toady One)
0011221: [Creatures] ANIMAL_PERSON_LEGLESS lacks PET_ANIMAL interaction (Toady One)
0011222: [Legends Mode -- History Export] Legends export has wrong terminating tag for interrogator_hfid (Toady One)
0011223: [World Generation -- Parameters] New Worldgen Settings Lack Linux Newline Characters (Toady One)
0011232: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Flying mounts cannot be controlled while flying. (Toady One)
0011238: [Adventure Mode -- Character Creation] Crash when starting as outsider (Toady One)
27 issues View Issues
0010903: [Technical -- Saving/Loading] crash on save (Toady One)
0011030: [Technical -- Saving/Loading] Crash on save, does not save (Toady One)
0010779: [Dwarf Mode -- Artifacts] "Job item lost or destroyed" spam - cannot display item on specific pedestal (Toady One)
0010939: [Technical -- General] segfault on "Saving fortress information" when trying to save, reproducible via savestate (Loci)
0010742: [Dwarf Mode -- Raids] Game Crashes When Dwarves Return From a Raid (Toady One)
5 issues View Issues
0010801: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military] Returning Militiadwarves Seize Again (Toady One)
0010804: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Landed nobility appointed as diplomat despite existing diplomat still being alive, loses nobility title (Toady One)
0010810: [Adventure Mode -- Display] Adventurer Agreement Info Shows On All Boxes (Toady One)
0010802: [Legends Mode -- General] Odd text in Legends Mode battle "The forced shifted" (Toady One)
0010807: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] Consistent crashes when stopping travel in towns. (Toady One)
5 issues View Issues
0008426: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] guest barons elevated along with fort baron (Toady One)
0006798: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Sleeping NPCs don't wake up (Toady One)
0009109: [General] Massive stutter every few seconds (Toady One)
0009624: [Dwarf Mode -- Transport/Hauling] Some hauling routes cause a crash (Toady One)
0009771: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Embark] aborting save of embark settings does not work (Toady One)
0008079: [Typos/Grammar] "1 point remain" in embark confirmation (Toady One)
0010094: [Creatures] Typo in carp description (Toady One)
0010550: [Typos/Grammar] SHARK_WHALE adjectives are "shale shark" (Toady One)
0010306: [Creatures] Conger Eel is exclusive to the ocean, but is described as "found in freshwater" (Toady One)
0010212: [Typos/Grammar] Typo in "The Manual: Text Viewers" (Toady One)
10 issues View Issues
0009074: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] Dwarves are permanently 'fine' and never experience mental deterioration (except Strange Moods). (Toady One)
0009812: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] Alcohol personality changes don't seem to wear off (Toady One)
0009985: [Technical -- General] FATAL ERROR - Nemesis Unit Load Failed (Toady One)
3 issues View Issues
0010682: [Throwing/Shooting] Archery broken; even highly skilled crossbowmen cannot hit targets (Toady One)
1 issue View Issues
0010638: [Dwarf Mode -- Raids] Expedition leader imprisoned/dies in raid, reassigned to another dwarf later imprisoned in same raid, causes permabroken nobles (Toady One)
0010646: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] Museums are de-prioritized or have N/A value as meeting spaces (Toady One)
0010672: [Adventure Mode -- Inventory] Artifacts teleports from player inventory (Toady One)
0010658: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Copy schedule order doesn't copy "inactive=uniformed" setting (Toady One)
0010620: [Dwarf Mode -- Raids] Spoils reports not cleared when unloading a world (Toady One)
0010643: [Legends Mode -- General] History event "tactical situation" does not save "flags" (Toady One)
0010650: [Legends Mode -- General] Player fort's history overrun with "A tribute agreement was rejected" regarding completely unrelated groups (Toady One)
0010615: [Technical -- General] Game freezes after some time - new 0.44.06 optimizations? (Toady One)
0010623: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Demanding tribute from necromancers or bandit camps crashes the game. (Toady One)
9 issues View Issues
0010605: [Dwarf Mode -- Raids] Sending pillagers causes game to crash seconds later. (Toady One)
0010606: [Dwarf Mode -- Raids] Game crashes on attempt to raid a bandit camp. (Toady One)
0010608: [Dwarf Mode -- Raids] Captured livestock goes berserk when assigned for work (Toady One)
0010609: [Dwarf Mode -- Raids] Tribute report missing information (Toady One)
0010610: [Dwarf Mode -- Raids] Raid report didn't produce Spoils Report despite there being spoils (Toady One)
0010611: [Dwarf Mode -- Raids] Stolen Beakdog doesn't appear in Animals list (Toady One)
0010613: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Livestock raids return unsuitable or unusable animals (Toady One)
0010612: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] Invading army lost, milling about aimlessly (Toady One)
8 issues View Issues
0010523: [Dwarf Mode -- Visitors] Visitors not leaving fort, visitor cap not respected again. (Toady One)
0007890: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Dwarves form grudges with animals (Toady One)
0010366: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Dwarves have sentient relationships with other migrant pets (Toady One)
0010356: [Dwarf Mode -- Artifacts] Animals reveal presence of artifacts to outsiders (Toady One)
0009312: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] Forgotten Beasts become distracted after a time, without exception (Toady One)
       0009567: [Creatures] Animals get distracted over time for no apparent reason (Toady One)
0005799: [Legends Mode -- Historical Figures] Notable animals worship gods (Toady One)
0008508: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Immigrants sometimes arrive with cave adaptation (Toady One)
0009646: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cleaning] clean job not cancelled by incarceration (Toady One)
0009787: [Dwarf Mode -- Locations] Scribes intermittently stop copying works in the library (Toady One)
       0009418: [Dwarf Mode -- Rooms] written on scrolls still counted as 'writing materials' in library room (Toady One)
       0009950: [Dwarf Mode -- Locations] Scribes do not scribe (Toady One)
       0009518: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Two quires on table in library remain tasked even though no job is using them (Toady One)
0010535: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Bandits attacking each other in camps (Toady One)
0010520: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Bronze colossus is not automatically aggressive towards adventurer (Toady One)
0007521: [Map Features] burning leaves over walls won't make floor appear (at least in arena mode) (Toady One)
0007130: [Pathfinding] you can climb diagonally through walls if there are twigs above the wall (Toady One)
0002820: [Pathfinding] HFS creatures can emerge through vertical diagonals without HFS being officially breached (Toady One)
0008383: [Creatures] Flying/swimming/climbing creatures can move vertically through diagonal gaps containing down-stairways (Toady One)
0003027: [Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy] Diplomats not holding meetings (Toady One)
20 issues View Issues
0010517: [Dwarf Mode -- Visitors] Citizens from other cities enter the map with '<blank> has returned' with no editable labors or petitions (Toady One)
1 issue View Issues
0010444: [Technical -- General] Extreme Lag and Stuttering after 7 Year Old Fort on World with Default Settings (Toady One)
0010379: [Legends Mode -- General] History event "hf freed" does not save "freeing hf" ID (Toady One)
0004177: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Designations] Designating removal of ramps highlights unrevealed ramps (Toady One)
0001518: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Building Construction] When naming burrows, "ESC: Back" appears on screen, but Esc does nothing (Toady One)
0001027: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Items tied up by suspended jobs don't have the TSK indicator (Toady One)
0000614: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cooking and Food] HOTKEY_KITCHEN_* bindings are unused/ignored (Toady One)
0000358: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Can't carve/mine ice stairways right above stone layer (Toady One)
0000795: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] If part of a stockpile is inaccessible, barrels/bins don't get placed in succeeding tiles (Toady One)
0000087: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] If one tile of a farm plot is dry or has the wrong biome, it also prevents the succeeding tiles from getting planted (Toady One)
0010496: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Mercs petition for sanctuary upon returning from missions (Toady One)
0010489: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Civilization/World Info] News/rumor text hidden on world info map screen after scrolling down (Toady One)
0010455: [Adventure Mode -- Crime] Yielding to muggers causes crash (Toady One)
0010452: [Legends Mode -- Historical Figures] DF can lose track of the links between fake and real identities after end of worldgen (Toady One)
0010501: [General] Crash after 5s of loading save (inaccessible minecart) (Toady One)
0010459: [Technical -- General] Game stuttering/freezing every couple of steps (Toady One)
0010388: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] HFS/FB/SMB/MB do not path to fortress (Toady One)
0010373: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Artifacts in pedestals are duplicated when a fortress is retired (Toady One)
17 issues View Issues
0010335: [Adventure Mode -- AI] "an unknown creature is slain" - incident/reputation bugged (Toady One)
0010340: [Dwarf Mode -- Visitors] Soldier visitors, ignore visitor cap and act strangely (Toady One)
       0010412: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] No more petitions (Toady One)
0010341: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Canceling a mission after some dwarves have left the map prevents them from returning. (Toady One)
0010353: [Dwarf Mode -- Artifacts] Ending the display of an item leads to cancellation spam and very low priority transfer to stockpile and to next display place (Toady One)
0010354: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Missing text during performances (Toady One)
0010410: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Artifacts returned from raids are just dropped on edge of map and left there (Toady One)
0010395: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Unidentified item in Food-Plants stockpile category is unaffected by [p]ermit and [f]orbid actions (Toady One)
0010362: [Dwarf Mode -- Visitors] Elven spy visitors flooding fort immediately (Toady One)
0010377: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Game crashes whet trying to talk to kidnapped child (Toady One)
0010343: [Technical -- Saving/Loading] Crash while "rebuilding temporary information" (Toady One)
0010422: [Vegetation] Encoding of and whitespaces in plant_new_trees.txt (Toady One)
0010441: [Technical -- Input/Keybinding/Macros] 32-bit Mac version used wrong libgraphics, does not understand new keybindings (Toady One)
13 issues View Issues
0010330: [World Generation -- General] World gen crashes on finalization (Toady One)
1 issue View Issues
0006408: [Init Options] Can't use 'p' letter in world gen alphbetic seeds (Toady One)
0009252: [Dwarf Mode -- Idle Behavior] Dwarves get stuck in trees (Toady One)
0009888: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] Wear-related crash when triggerring a weapon trap (Toady One)
0009496: [Combat -- General] Tiny undead creatures immune to pulping, ridiculously difficult to kill (Toady One)
0009686: [Dwarf Mode -- Visitors] Monster slayer visitors never arrive (Toady One)
0007966: [Adventure Mode -- Sites] Kobold cave with no Kobolds or scattered loot (Toady One)
6 issues View Issues
0009854: [Technical -- General] Missing VS2015 runtime libraries - MSVCP140.dll, VCRUNTIME140.dll, etc. (Toady One)
0010016: [World Generation -- General] Out of memory crash (Toady One)
0005260: [Technical -- General] Can't play fullscreen on Mac OS X Lion (bug in outdated SDL) (Toady One)
0009504: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Gorlak adventurers can't open doors (Toady One)
0009855: [Technical -- General] Game doesn't close properly, crashes upon quitting (Toady One)
5 issues View Issues
0003838: [World Generation -- General] Armor never generated on hands, feet and legs -- NPCs don't wear gauntlets, boots, greaves, etc. (Toady One)
0009444: [Dwarf Mode -- Non-dwarf Citizens] Full citizen petition not full, can't assign to locations (Toady One)
0009801: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stocks] Random entry appended to bottom of stocks screen, can result in crash (Toady One)
0009273: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Writing Materials (Quires/Scrolls) and instruments constantly hauled between stockpile and locations (Library/Temple) (Toady One)
0009378: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Slurry from mashing pig tails at a quern does not have an associated stockpile for storage (Toady One)
0009620: [Creatures] Kobolds have invalid AGILITY PHYS_ATT_RANGE tag (Toady One)
0009780: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Traded masterwork meals result in "Masterwork has been lost" message (Toady One)
0009398: [Technical -- Input/Keybinding/Macros] Macros can't be saved (process fails silently) if the data/init/macros folder is missing (Toady One)
0009792: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Managed jobs decrement all like orders, producing wrong number of total items (Toady One)
0009797: [Adventure Mode -- General] Can't cut trees with stone axes (Toady One)
10 issues View Issues
0004973: [Reactions] Vermin reactions do not recognize caste (Toady One)
       0000722: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Embark profile warns that fish not available, but they actually are (Toady One)
0009650: [Dwarf Mode -- Visitors] Visitors begin attacking citizens and long-term residents when a siege starts (Toady One)
0006277: [General] Frame rate cap can't be increased after decreasing it below 10 FPS (using in-game keystrokes) (Toady One)
0009247: [World Generation -- General] Crash (null pointer) during world generation (on Mac) (Toady One)
0009750: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Custom metal items requested via manager result in coal items (Toady One)
0006517: [Material Properties] Dragonfire ignores metals (Toady One)
0000712: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Woodcutters cut trees with training axes (Toady One)
0000949: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Can't dive/surface in water deeper than 2 Z-levels (Toady One)
0001141: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Manager] Metal mechanisms cannot be made from job manager (only stone) (Toady One)
       0009759: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Manager] Construct Mechanisms not updated with details (Toady One)
0002115: [Combat -- Wrestling] Broken bones cause too much pain regardless of size (Toady One)
0008629: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handling] Dwarves won't pen/pasture animals (Toady One)
0000739: [Creatures] All animals are described as "Gigantic" (Toady One)
0006287: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] If animal stockpile overlaps assigned pasture zone, animals are not taken out of cages (Toady One)
0004475: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handling] Animals with two location assignments -> Infinite hauling (Toady One)
0009752: [Adventure Mode -- General] Cannot sleep in retired forts or mountains anymore. (Toady One)
0001429: [Geology] Native platinum appears within olivine as small clusters instead of veins (Toady One)
0000804: [Geology] Mineral vein inclusions within large clusters behave incorrectly (Toady One)
0004378: [Adventure Mode -- Reactions] Decorating with adventure mode reactions results in "You ... make nothing of note" (Toady One)
0004409: [Legends Mode -- Display] Creating masterwork in adventure mode results in history line "created a masterful item for at an unknown site (or wrong site)" (Toady One)
0004408: [Reactions] Decoration reactions never result in quality decorations (Toady One)
0004577: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Item Improvements/Decorations] Rust on Glazer skill isn't removed with practice, skill can't increase past Proficient (Toady One)
0008072: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] No bee colonies in temperate biomes (only in warm/hot) (Toady One)
0009745: [Adventure Mode -- Buildings] Cannot complete building (Toady One)
0009747: [Adventure Mode -- Inventory] Placing items on tables duplicates the item. (Toady One)
0009748: [Adventure Mode -- General] Adventurer makes wooden shields instead of training weapons (Toady One)
27 issues View Issues
0009732: [Adventure Mode -- Sites] Adventure mode site furniture disappears (Toady One)
0007530: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Lord Consort companion keeps leaving party, coming back (Toady One)
0009739: [Adventure Mode -- Sites] Adventurer can construct unsupported structure (Toady One)
0009416: [Adventure Mode -- Reactions] Child prisoners in Dark Fortresses immediately become hostile, making rescue missions impossible. (Toady One)
0009621: [Creatures] [BP:LF:left foot:right feet] in body_default.txt (Toady One)
0009467: [Typos/Grammar] Dwarves discussing "Climactic Adaptation" (Toady One)
0009737: [Adventure Mode -- General] Adventure mode zones are not offloaded properly (Toady One)
0009736: [Arena] Felling trees in Arena Mode changes landscape, (Toady One)
0009735: [Adventure Mode -- General] Wooden objects quickly rots (Toady One)
9 issues View Issues
0009505: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] Composing poetry and music doesn't check for nearby danger (Toady One)
0005021: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] "Masterwork has been lost" when merchants leave with traded items (Toady One)
0009656: [Init Options] Unrecognized Announcement Token: TRAVEL_ADVISORY (Toady One)
0009429: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Deleting item from uniform does not update material selection to that of the newly-selected item. (Toady One)
0009423: [Dwarf Mode -- Justice] Visitors are punished for violating production orders. (Toady One)
0009495: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] "In anguish over a spouse's miscarriage" does not occur on spouse, but on wife who miscarried. (Toady One)
6 issues View Issues
0009443: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment] Dwarfs acquire and equip multiple empty goblets (Toady One)
0009271: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, Cages and Chains] troglodytes [intelligent/untamable animals?] cannot be assigned to a cage or chain (Toady One)
0009219: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Dye stored in barrels without bags (Toady One)
       0009293: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Dwarves hauling dimple dye without bags (Toady One)
0009435: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Status] Total value of exported goods remains zero after exporting goods (Toady One)
5 issues View Issues
0009432: [Adventure Mode -- Buildings] Certain buildings' layout changes every time to visit them (Toady One)
0009403: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Tavern visitors served drinks equip mugs and don't consume contents (Toady One)
0009422: [Typos/Grammar] CREATURE:FISH_RATFISH_SPOTTED (spotted ratfish) "lives in the oceanÆs muddy shallows" (Toady One)
0008344: [Creatures] Undead from world gen are incredibly powerful (Toady One)
0009294: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Squad Schedule] Sparring is bugged, Sparring Reports don't show up and Dwarves don't gain skill from sparring (Toady One)
0006060: [Legends Mode -- History Export] History XML file is cp437 encoded, but says it's utf-8 encoded (Toady One)
0007770: [Adventure Mode -- Combat] Necks almost always are easier to hit than Upper and Lower Body parts (Toady One)
7 issues View Issues
0007651: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Default ORIENTATION excludes some animals from breeding (Toady One)
0008815: [Creatures] Animal breeding is prevented if animals aren't "willing to marry" (Toady One)
0009375: [Typos/Grammar] "Maked" in dolomite description (Toady One)
0009373: [Geology] Solid density of quicklime set to placeholder value (Toady One)
0009374: [Typos/Grammar] Typo in generic book name (Toady One)
0008585: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] NPCs always say a site is in the region they are in (Toady One)
       0008795: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] When asking for directions to somebody false location of their home site is obtained instead (Toady One)
0006352: [Creatures] Moon snail men can't punch or see (Toady One)
0009364: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Upon [s]aving pre-embark preparations, including a space in the name then typing 'e' causes instant embark (Toady One)
       0009365: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Text] Renaming squads etc. with a hotkey executes hotkey (Toady One)
0009231: [Creatures] Two-legged rhino lizard removes LEATHER material but not PARCHMENT (Toady One)
0009196: [Items] Viewing a quire shows it is made of "cloth" instead of a "sheet" (Toady One)
0009194: [Undeath] Vampire Guests have nature revealed in their profession (Toady One)
0009389: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] permanent residents do not apply for full citizenship (Toady One)
0009226: [Items] Quires made from papyrus are listed as "plant quire" (Toady One)
0009353: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Cannot Produce Papyrus Seeds (Toady One)
0009324: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] polytheist dwarves will not worship more than one god in pantheon temple (Toady One)
0009341: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Trade] Crash During Trading, Trade Depot (mug/goblet related) (Toady One)
0005432: [World Generation -- Beasts] Vampires become unstoppable in worldgen in cities large enough for temple+sewers - causes depopulation (Toady One)
0005263: [Adventure Mode -- Town] Population crashes in human towns (Toady One)
20 issues View Issues
0009178: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Cannot bring cups/goblets on embark (Toady One)
0009244: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] Scribes rarely, if ever, copy works in the library (Toady One)
0009195: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Cats dying for no reason - alcohol poisoning? (Toady One)
0009292: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] Seems impossible to satisfy a need for "introspection" (Toady One)
0009161: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] Constructed instruments not recognized or used in taverns (Toady One)
0009156: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] In the new patch, military does not wear armor. (Toady One)
0009142: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Tasks] Workshop task selection no longer stores menu locations (Toady One)
0009191: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Crash after retiring a location with all or part of any assigned meeting zone removed. (Toady One)
0004886: [Creatures] Several venomous creatures aren't immune to their own venom (Toady One)
0002790: [Creatures] Alligators needlessly use specific toes (Toady One)
0004746: [Typos/Grammar] Incorrect use of "whom" in elf.txt (Toady One)
0004686: [Language] [WORD:SUMMER] has no tokens (Toady One)
0009031: [Technical -- Input/Keybinding/Macros] STRING_A123 and STRING_A125 are bound to the same key (Toady One)
0001068: [Pathfinding] Dwarves don't choose closest garbage dump (new in 0.31.03!) (Toady One)
0004530: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Marksdwarves won't use training bolts unless combat bolts all used up (Toady One)
0006808: [Legends Mode -- Historical Figures] Duplicate "began wandering the wilds" entries for adventurer (Toady One)
0008609: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] SEED-type tree growths are never gathered (Toady One)
0004372: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Building Construction and Destruction] occasionally get negative distance value for materials for constructions (Toady One)
0004552: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Siegers waiting by bodies of dead leaders (Toady One)
0001598: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Enemy squads will never abandon their caged leader (Toady One)
0009215: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Vampire true names revealed when they declare their weapon or armor an artifact (Toady One)
0009179: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Foreign noble can ban exports. (Toady One)
0009223: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] In old save, existing musical instruments have ludicrous trade values (Toady One)
0008560: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Giraffe is trainable for war (possibly hunting) (Toady One)
0008198: [Typos/Grammar] Mistakes in thoughts/preferences strings (Toady One)
0009091: [Typos/Grammar] Typo in the quote of a haunted spouse (Toady One)
0004689: [Typos/Grammar] d_init typo - pregancies should be pregNancies (Toady One)
0009180: [Reactions] WOOD is not a valid building for reactions, though file changes says it is (Toady One)
0009130: [Adventure Mode -- Inventory] Instrument glitching (Toady One)
0009220: [Dwarf Mode -- Skills and Professions] Bookbinding Dwarf Systematically Steps Through All Cavern Webs (Toady One)
0009143: [Adventure Mode -- Sleep] Crash when sleeping in a Tavern room (Toady One)
0009225: [Typos/Grammar] Typo on scroll text (Toady One)
0009173: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Typo in performance text: the <name> soundss vaguely like the intended <instrument> (Toady One)
33 issues View Issues
0009132: [Technical -- General] Dwarf Mode Undetermined 42.01 Crashes That No Longer Crash in 42.02. (user11)
0008719: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Constructions (walls etc)] Building constructions over parts of trees crashes (Toady One)
0009129: [General] Crash when calendar is advancing (Toady One)
0009187: [Adventure Mode -- Character Creation] Values/Personality selector Typo (Toady One)
0009182: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Vampire true names (and therefore their vampiric nature) revealed upon assigning occupations. (Toady One)
0009148: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Crash always occuring after immigrant wave (Toady One)
0009125: [World Generation -- General] Freeze when placing civilizations during worldgen (Toady One)
7 issues View Issues
0001540: [Dwarf Mode -- Traps] Some buildings/stockpiles don't display a name/title in {q} viewing mode. (Toady One)
0008819: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Milk buckets being stored in barrels (Toady One)
0004692: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Dwarven Civ King arrives but is Human and Tame (Toady One)
0008660: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Lye in wood barrels can't be used for making soap (Toady One)
0008737: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Embark location finder only allows 2x2 and larger (Toady One)
5 issues View Issues
0007903: [Adventure Mode -- Quests] Quest log alway shows adventure agreement conclusion as the current date (Toady One)
0006397: [Dwarf Mode -- Traps] Nonlethal fall onto upright spike causes unreasonably high skill gain (Toady One)
0008555: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Pathfinding is not updated when trees are cut down (Toady One)
0008250: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Military dwarves won't attack goblins 99% of the time, and when they do they cause a loyalty cascade. (Toady One)
0006442: [Technical -- Rendering] Multiple headers/titles on some screens overlap at higher resolutions (Toady One)
       0008701: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] Game title partly obscured in heading of announcements screen (Toady One)
0007782: [Adventure Mode -- General] Frozen in time; no way to re-enter time continuum (Toady One)
       0007838: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Arena-created creatures in open space above tree trunks cause DF to hang after assuming control (Toady One)
0008702: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Dwarfs refuse to use picks after unforbidding said picks while traders are present with their own picks. (Toady One)
0002556: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Status] Pain is listed twice on health screen. (Toady One)
0006750: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Muck root and bloated tuber seeds are displayed without a name (e.g. " [9]") (Toady One)
0003161: [Dwarf Mode -- Flows] Vertical hole only filled up to absolute z-level 0 by falling water (Toady One)
0008662: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Constructions (walls etc)] Dwarves build suspended construction jobs (Toady One)
0008367: [Combat -- General] Soldiers not attack nearby enemy when using kill or station order. (Toady One)
       0008342: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Werebeast arrives, attacks livestock and dwarves but is not attacked by dwarves while in its werebeast form. (Toady One)
0006663: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Necromancers afraid of/killed by their own undead (Toady One)
0008672: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] Dwarves with permanent injuries inevitably spiral into depression (Toady One)
0000186: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Main View] Building Selector Chooses Oddly (Toady One)
0006949: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Building in trees and then chopping down the tree leaves the building floating in the air (Toady One)
0003038: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Squad Control] Centering on a non-existent point in "squad -> move" crashes or zooms to a random location (Toady One)
0008685: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Animals] Pets can be gelded despite the "geld" indicator not being displayed by their name in the [z]-animals screen (Toady One)
0008681: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Squad Control] Crash on 's' squad screen shortcut (Toady One)
0001416: [Dwarf Mode -- Moods] Moody dwarves claim workshops outside their burrow, haul infinite number of items, never start construction (Toady One)
0008495: [Typos/Grammar] Space in keybinding's "Press space to abort." should be esc(main menu/leave screen bind) (Toady One)
0005677: [Technical -- Rendering] PRINT_MODE:TEXT fails on OS X; Falls back to 2D (Toady One)
0008362: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Unretired fortress crashes after some game days (Toady One)
0008649: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Unreachable high-priority mining jobs prevent lower-priority jobs from being taken (Toady One)
0008596: [Typos/Grammar] 'empty announcement ###' error list (Toady One)
28 issues View Issues
0008657: [Typos/Grammar] "Breath" is not a verb (Toady One)
0008639: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Dwarves Channel Tile They're Standing On (Toady One)
0008658: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] "Plant seeds" is now coming up with "job item lost or destroyed" all the time (Toady One)
0006580: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Intermittent crash potentially related to error message "camp oprder missing parent -- army will camp forever" (Toady One)
4 issues View Issues
0008641: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] Cancels Forge(breastplate, mailskirt, anvil) Job item lost or destroyed. (Toady One)
0008648: [Dwarf Mode -- Artifacts] Dwarves don't seem to be able to collect materials for moods (Toady One)
0008642: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Designations] Toggle Standard/Marking unusable via mouse (Toady One)
3 issues View Issues
0008633: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Crash on Store item in container, job item misplaced (Toady One)
0008634: [Creatures] Dwarves stop moving and change name in unit list. (Toady One)
0008636: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Remove up stairs/ramp designations do not work (Toady One)
3 issues View Issues
0005895: [Dwarf Mode -- Transport/Hauling] Herbalist takes multiple trips/plant (Toady One)
0005992: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Conflict between hauling jobs (i.e. filling containers) and other jobs using items in those containers (Toady One)
0005964: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Haulers carry (heavy) full bin to pickup single item (lighter) (Toady One)
0001695: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] "Remv Cre" (Remove creature) command in units/jobs list does not work on some jobs, even when enabled (Toady One)
       0003779: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit-Job Screen] Can't use the remove creature command on store item in bin tasks. (Toady One)
0005546: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Tasks] "Encrust with gems" cannot be set to repeat. (Toady One)
6 issues View Issues
0000326: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] Missing entries in announcements.txt (Toady One)
0007554: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Crowded animals are too docile (Toady One)
0004366: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Animals in large pastures fight despite abundance of space (Toady One)
0008583: [Adventure Mode -- Sites] Vault guardians have non-divine material (that is, normal) weapons and clothing (Toady One)
4 issues View Issues
0008568: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Smelting] Smelter doesn't show smelt ore options (Toady One)
1 issue View Issues
0008539: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] Happy thoughts do not affect stress levels; Dwarves slowly spiral into depression (Toady One)
0008548: [Adventure Mode -- Town] Crash when moving in town (Toady One)
0008290: [Adventure Mode -- Town] Repeatable crash in occupied/abandoned town (Toady One)
0008265: [Adventure Mode -- Sites] Crash in Dwarf hillock while in fast travel (Toady One)
0001680: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Crash with "Midmap effective coordinate check out of bounds" (Toady One)
0008479: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] Keas produce far too many vengeful thoughts by flying overhead, sending entire fortress into a stressed-out state. (Toady One)
0000370: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Designations] Designations no longer blink through objects on ground. (Toady One)
0000294: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Main View] Item in stockpile on ramp blinks incorrectly (Toady One)
0008517: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpiles] Problems deleting stockpile links with workshops (Toady One)
0007747: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Farm plot planting cut-off fails to work over the Winter->Spring boundary (Toady One)
0008524: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] Dwarves do not gain herbalist skill when gathering plants (Toady One)
0008538: [Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy] Grammar error in elf diplomat "kill fewer trees" text (Toady One)
0007212: [Cave-ins] Titan shrines collapse upon first arriving at site (Toady One)
0008550: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Profiles] Dwarf name appears untranslated twice in title of Thoughts and Preferences screen (Toady One)
14 issues View Issues
0008490: [General] Migrants are sad about being separated from goblin-snatched relatives (Toady One)
0008515: [General] Dwarf misses completely unrelated dwarf (Toady One)
2 issues View Issues
0006676: [Adventure Mode -- General] Bogeymen attack elf/dwarf sites while sleeping in them (Toady One)
0006336: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Only one minecart per material purchased on embark can be used (Toady One)
0007533: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Phantom "Something has collapsed on the surface" reports, related to tree growth/chopping (Toady One)
0006854: [Adventure Mode -- Combat] Pulped body parts don't get severed arteries or functional impairment (Toady One)
0008476: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] Unknown cavern creature tantrum message (Toady One)
0008477: [General] 'sunk into depression' indicator blinks too fast to be easily seen (in adventure mode at least) (Toady One)
0008488: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View] Artifact name missing from thought: "I shall name you . That was very satisfying!" (Toady One)
0007668: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] 'She dreams of raising a family. She .' (Toady One)
0006057: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Brewing stack of >6 plants produces a stack of >30 booze, which doesn't fit in a barrel (Toady One)
0005267: [Adventure Mode -- Combat] Copper coins pass through this boar when thrown at it. (Toady One)
0006218: [Items] Small stacks of coins can be placed into non-containers (Toady One)
0006343: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Caravans brings small animals/vermin that immediately escape their cages (Toady One)
0006498: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Zombies start conversation with necromancer adventurer who tries to sleep in their house (Toady One)
0007178: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Delete Uniform (no effect) (Toady One)
0008321: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Indoor refuse isn't hauled unless outdoor refuse hauling is enabled (Toady One)
0008440: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Item Improvements/Decorations] Minecarts and wheelbarrows are treated as both furniture and finished good when encrusting (Toady One)
0008307: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Items brought by a caravan fulfill certain mandates (Toady One)
0008289: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Trade] Totems not found under 'Crafts' in trade menu (Toady One)
0008121: [General] dead dwarfs not removed from burrow count (Toady One)
0007946: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Tantruming dwarves perform dozens of fistfights/throws in a second (Toady One)
0007874: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Ballista arrows are blunt weapons (Toady One)
0007788: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View] "Enter: Toggle" @ Preferences remains when inspecting other units (Toady One)
0002200: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] DOES_NOT_EXIST does not remove creatures from embark list (Toady One)
0000195: [Weather] Setting WEATHER:NO just keeps rain from stopping, not starting (Toady One)
0007128: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Embark] yellow x disappears on world map when on easternmost square of region map (Toady One)
0008407: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, General] Mini-map cursor is only positioned correctly when dwarf fortress is at default (small) size (Toady One)
0008424: [Adventure Mode -- Character Creation] Attempts to spawn an adventurer in a player retired fort causes game to hang and crash (Toady One)
0008313: [Dwarf Mode -- Transport/Hauling] Ignore outdoor vermin remains in 'o'rders doesn't work. (Toady One)
0008470: [Typos/Grammar] Typos and grammar problems in the executable (Toady One)
29 issues View Issues
0007099: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Some plants apparently not able to be processed/process fruit reaction not working. (Toady One)
0006403: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View] Brackets in nicknames are not escaped on thoughts and preferences screen (Toady One)
2 issues View Issues
0001710: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpiles] "Gather remains from outside" actually means "gather remains from above ground" (Toady One)
0006483: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military] Siege engines don't properly respect operator skill level (Toady One)
0007015: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] List of neighbors on Embark screen includes "Town." (Toady One)
0004113: [Vegetation] Large grazers (elephants and giraffes) can't eat fast enough to keep from starving (Toady One)
0006512: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] Cave Adaptation broken, does not cause pain, stun, or nausea (Toady One)
0003781: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, Machines] Lever can be linked to same target more than once (Toady One)
0008278: [Technical -- General] This save file crashes. (Toady One)
0002222: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cleaning] Dwarf tries to clean missing body part (Toady One)
0008105: [Contaminants/Spatter] Dwarves unable to clean "pool of water" left by a Forgotten Beast (Toady One)
0002506: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cleaning] Dwarves attempting to clean water puddles out of dug-out frozen river (Toady One)
0002626: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Refuse placed Above Ground but Inside randomly disappears (Toady One)
0001140: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cleaning] "Clean" job uses underground/aboveground instead of inside/outside to determine what gets cleaned (Toady One)
0007718: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Burial] Placing corpses in coffins requires Item Hauling instead of Burial labor (Toady One)
0004367: [Vegetation] Animals all try to graze from pasture's top left corner, starvation ensues (Toady One)
0004446: [Creatures] Grazing hungry animals eat slower - snowballs starvation (Toady One)
0004354: [Creatures] Giant critters size changed, Grazer not changed (Toady One)
0007585: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Trees channel light underground (Toady One)
0007258: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Outside areas marked as "Inside" (Toady One)
0007068: [Vegetation] Tile dug under tree trunk growing on rock is considered inside/light/aboveground (Toady One)
0008176: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Animals get attached to clothes they're wearing (Toady One)
0007601: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Animals wearing clothes in reclaimed fortress (Toady One)
0004450: [Adventure Mode -- Retirement] Goblin mounts encountered in Adv Mode are wearing clothing and trinkets made from their kills (Toady One)
0007588: [Dwarf Mode -- Skills and Professions] Social skill gains by attending parties is off the charts (Toady One)
0008272: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Butchering "nearby" check ignores Z-level (Toady One)
24 issues View Issues
0004470: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Patients in traction don't get released unless bench is deconstructed (Toady One)
0002606: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] prisoner died of dehydration, plenty of water, labor. (Toady One)
0004671: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Infinite Traction (Toady One)
0007417: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] Siege in summer of first year (Toady One)
0006705: [Adventure Mode -- General] Traveling NPCs agree to join you, but don't stop their route (Toady One)
0006680: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Companions crouch in fear after conflict is over. (Toady One)
0007852: [Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy] Dipscripts loaded in inconsistent order between platforms, results in meeting glitches (Toady One)
0000402: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] Prisoners cancel their jobs incorrectly when chained, removing them from workshop (Toady One)
0000727: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Constructions (walls etc)] Construction gets suspended when the assigned dwarf gives birth (Toady One)
0002816: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Dwarves on operating table count as out of bed, trigger recover wounded job (Toady One)
0002684: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Wounded dwarf outside hospital will not rest properly, and therefore not recieve aid. Followed by death. (Toady One)
0007775: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Military dwarves randomly get stuck on 'Eat/Drink', won't path to stockpile (Toady One)
0008214: [Dwarf Mode -- Idle Behavior] Children injured due to 0007574 don't get taken to the hospital (Toady One)
0001514: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Bridges over ramps unwalkable (except with "alt") in adventurer mode (Toady One)
0007911: [Adventure Mode -- Eating/Drinking] [EDIBLE_RAW] seeds cannot be eaten in adventure mode (Toady One)
0008062: [Adventure Mode -- Trade] Attempting to trade valueless item in exchange for a valuable item results in demand to surrender item (Toady One)
0007904: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Cannot traverse ramps across tree roots (Toady One)
0007374: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Elf-imported wooden chests don't qualify as elven (Toady One)
18 issues View Issues
0003837: [Adventure Mode -- Display] Long list of adventurer skills overflows in default screen size (Toady One)
0007710: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Gait flags LAYERS_SLOW + STRENGTH + AGILITY do nothing (Toady One)
0007979: [Dwarf Mode -- Transport/Hauling] Dwarf targeted by military after releasing enemy from cage (Toady One)
0007098: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] Dwarves can have a preference for random/divine metal (Toady One)
0000647: [Dwarf Mode -- Rooms] Uninjured dwarves sleep in hospital instead of dormitory, and other bedroom/sleeping issues (Toady One)
0007764: [Adventure Mode -- Town] After town insurrection, all shops become taverns (Toady One)
0007574: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Childcare] Children assigned to burrows become accident prone (Toady One)
0001483: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Designations] Children leave burrow seeking mother (Toady One)
0007360: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Combat horror and cowardice too common (Toady One)
0005598: [Adventure Mode -- Town] Town shops/cabinets contain human-sized clothes regardless of size of actual residents (Toady One)
0008213: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Restrained animals repeatedly try to path to meeting areas, then forced prone (Toady One)
0002478: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Military screen has same text for rusty skills and absent skills (Toady One)
0000890: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Directly controlled flying creatures are forced to use ramps (Toady One)
0001666: [Arena] Adamantine clothes not available in testing arena (Toady One)
0006691: [World Generation -- Constructions] Excessive number of necromancer towers. (Toady One)
0008205: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Ranged weapons still shoot more rapidly than before (Toady One)
0006563: [Adventure Mode -- Environment] All clothes in cabinets of Dwarven Fortress are too large for dwarves (Toady One)
0002270: [Flows] 1/7 water evaporates while over 7/7 water (Toady One)
0007206: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] Hordes of creatures accumulating near empty lair with each fast travel (Toady One)
0008123: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Undead companions only hostile towards wildlife (Toady One)
0007351: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Undead ignore dwarfs who are overhelmed by terror (Toady One)
0008013: [Undeath] Named undead only hostile to military and animals (Toady One)
0008027: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Companions not helping to fight an undead dingo (Toady One)
0003767: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Sleeping] Dwarf leaves burrow to sleep in dorm, sleeps on floor in dorm (Toady One)
0003237: [Dwarf Mode -- Rooms] Beds still not 100% functional -- some dwarves still prefer to sleep in dormitory instead of claiming bedrooms (Toady One)
0006211: [Technical -- Input/Keybinding/Macros] "NO BINDING" for training-related keys (Toady One)
0005373: [Adventure Mode -- Inventory] Item disappears, cannot be picked up, still listed when you look at the tile (Toady One)
0007345: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] When possible, she prefers to consume peach trees. (Toady One)
0006015: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Reclaiming multiple times gradually slows the game down, leather starts to appear (Toady One)
29 issues View Issues
0007711: [General] Surgery-related crash shortly after continuing game. (Toady One)
0006756: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Crash when talking to mute creatures (Toady One)
0007451: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Crash/freeze when reclaiming fort and unretiring adventurer (Toady One)
0007758: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Night creatures of the same king fighting each other(with save) (Toady One)
0007851: [Adventure Mode -- Combat] Parried while weapon was stuck in a wound (Toady One)
0007117: [Combat -- General] Hydra is "Attacking you with quickheavywildprecise bite" (Toady One)
0008089: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View] Unit view legend can overlap list of work animals (Toady One)
0007989: [Typos/Grammar] "She often tells pointless stories when she's nervous.." (Toady One)
0000525: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Peasants in the military receive bad thoughts when going off duty. (Toady One)
0008111: [Adventure Mode -- Character Creation] Trying to start as an adventurer at a player fortress crashes the game (Toady One)
0007022: [Adventure Mode -- General] Stealth-choking wrestling/fighter exploit (Toady One)
0006810: [Adventure Mode -- AI] AI almost never reacting to being attacked from stealth. (Toady One)
0006970: [Dwarf Mode -- Moods] Strange mood items are teleported into the workshop (Toady One)
0007284: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Assignment of Jobs] Lag when dwarves stuck in a tree get a strange mood (Toady One)
0006249: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stocks] Slabs appear twice in Stocks screen (Toady One)
0006444: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpiles] Storage of stone cabochons in gem stockpiles is invisibly controlled by Allow/Block All (Toady One)
0004549: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Farm Plots] Seeds cannot be planted until your fortress has produced something from that plant (Toady One)
0007641: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Farm Plots] Unable to Plant Seeds after Unretiring (Toady One)
0007170: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Troglodytes get stuck while climbing (Toady One)
0001120: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Farm Plots] "No seeds available for this location" when using seeds left at reclaimed site (Toady One)
0008068: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Ranged weapons shoot much too rapidly (Toady One)
0008059: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Adv mode crash in marketplace after waiting about 8 turns (Toady One)
22 issues View Issues
0004600: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Items frozen in ice are unrecoverable; building on previously iced square crashes game. (Toady One)
0004430: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Large gems not moved to stockpile (Toady One)
0006874: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] SITE members automatically promoted to entity leader (MONARCH/king/queen) (Toady One)
0007404: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Merchant wagons stuck near the trade depot (Toady One)
0005351: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Wagons don't unload fast enough to allow trading, may need NO_THOUGHT_CENTER_FOR_MOVEMENT (Toady One)
0007905: [Dwarf Mode -- Idle Behavior] Romance and marriage are mutually exclusive (Toady One)
0007349: [Dwarf Mode -- Moods] Seeing berserk dwarf triggers mass combat (Toady One)
0002280: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Offered choice of dead civilizations to embark from, with no indication/warning of such (Toady One)
0006903: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Fleeing dwarves ignore dangerous terrain (Toady One)
0007427: [Undeath] Unslabbable invader ghost acts like a living invader (Toady One)
0007985: [Dwarf Mode -- Transport/Hauling] Dwarves don't haul trade goods unless Lever Operation is enabled (Toady One)
0007736: [Init Options] Omitting STRICT_POPULATION_CAP from d_init.txt defaults it to 0 (Toady One)
0007032: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] PROCESS_PLANT_TO_BAG reaction does not produce seeds (Toady One)
0000895: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hunting] Items disappear (become invisible) after getting pushed by flowing water, burning in magma, or encased in ice (Toady One)
0007607: [Pathfinding] Caravans get stuck/ignore smooth walls or try to cramp in tight spaces (Toady One)
0007288: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military] Squads report to incorrect location when using Defend Burrow order (Toady One)
0005755: [Undeath] Caravan Guard Ghosts are still not appearing for slabs (Toady One)
0006081: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Some wagons are incredibly fast, others incredibly slow (Toady One)
0006989: [Typos/Grammar] Typos and obsolete information in the manual (Toady One)
0007227: [Vegetation] pineapples don't have seasons (Toady One)
0007821: [Adventure Mode -- Sites] Animal overpopulations multiply/replenish after waiting/sleeping in worldgen fortresses, cause extreme lag (Toady One)
21 issues View Issues
0007937: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Constructions (walls etc)] Constructed walls/fortifications require only 1 build material regardless of dimensions (Toady One)
0007936: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Crash when pressing Esc on embark (site chooser) screen and adventure mode menu screen (Toady One)
0007918: [Typos/Grammar] Welcome screen inconsistent spelling of web site vs website (Toady One)
3 issues View Issues
0007274: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Woodcutter stuck in place trying to "Fell Tree" (Loci)
0006868: [Civilizations/Entities -- General] Goblins only interact within a radius of 2 world tiles (Toady One)
0006913: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Un-retiring leads to dwarves being prisoners of the hidden parts of the map. (Toady One)
0000791: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Even with hauling labors off, dwarves continue to haul to trade depot and harvest food (Toady One)
0007739: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] Hostile sites appear to be lost from contact, resulting in lack of fort invasions (Toady One)
       0007685: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Embark] Neighbors view shows invalid data (Toady One)
       0006592: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Elves are always listed on the neighbors menu (Toady One)
0000434: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Reaction jobs (unlike other jobs) don't look outside burrow for workers and raw materials (works through manager) (Toady One)
0001909: [Technical -- Input/Keybinding/Macros] backspace key does not function in OS X (Toady One)
0003887: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Assignment of Jobs] Construction of "Upright weapon" [b][T][S] doesn't require any particular labor (Toady One)
0002560: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Constructions (walls etc)] Remove construction task prioritized too high, labor can't be disabled, children help out (Toady One)
0004370: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Assignment of Jobs] There's no labor to control the "Pull the lever" job (Toady One)
0004072: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] Dwarves drag animals to pen/pit/cage/restraint without Animal Hauling enabled (Toady One)
0006852: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Sleeping] Broker sleepcrawled/sleepwalked to bed after trading session (Toady One)
       0007118: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Sleeping] Injured resting dwarf walking around with a blinking "Z" (Toady One)
0007825: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Miner frozen on "dig channel" job (Toady One)
0007876: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Constructions (walls etc)] Dwarves do not go around constructed walls that were built in their path (Toady One)
0007519: [Combat -- General] Sparring dwarves only wrestle (Toady One)
0007452: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Replacing the squad leader creates permanent, hidden squad members (Toady One)
0003734: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Smelting] Reactions in burrow don't use workers from outside burrow (Toady One)
0006012: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Temperature updates for items in containers never stabilize. (Toady One)
0007419: [Vegetation] Acacia trees don't grow flowers or seed pods (Toady One)
0003434: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Spammed message: Urist McSoldier cancels Rest: Paralyzed (Toady One)
0003981: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Having multiple active beekeepers causes dwarves with "Installing Colony in Hive" Job to become stuck (Toady One)
       0004014: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] "Dwarf cancels Install Colony in Hive: Could not find Path" drops FPS (Toady One)
       0005726: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements: Message Spam] Beehives + burrow = "cancels Install Colony In Hive: Forbidden area" (Toady One)
       0003961: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Tasks] Dwarf interrupted during beehive stocking doesn't lose job (Toady One)
0006368: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Crash if bees die in a hive with yet ungathered products. (Toady One)
0004223: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Dwarves don't "split" bee hives, only use wild ones (Toady One)
0007570: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] Undead invaders do not path to fortress (Toady One)
0000447: [Technical -- Input/Keybinding/Macros] Can't use question marks when customizing names/professions (Toady One)
0005270: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, General] Naming burrows does not block keyboard cursor movement making numbers hard to use in the name (Toady One)
0006972: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Civilization/World Info] Kobolds and goblins do not appear in the civilizations list (Toady One)
0007826: [General] Babies/children born out of wedlock (Toady One)
0007831: [Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy] No elf diplomat comes to fort (Toady One)
0007568: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Masterwork Crafts are announced as incorrect items (Toady One)
0004971: [Artistic Images (engravings etc)] Unnamed creatures resulting in ". Is <foo>ing <foo>." descriptions (Toady One)
0007223: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Statue has improper grammar in description, is not named in reference to content (Toady One)
0006250: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Profiles] Dwarf name appears twice, both untranslated, in creature status ([v]-[z] or [u]-[v]) (Toady One)
0000982: [Dwarf Mode -- Traps] Creature-triggered pressure plate weight adjustment is inconsistent, and large numbers are cut off (Toady One)
0001091: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Building a paved road requires more materials than it should when the road zone is partially blocked (Toady One)
0005903: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Notes/Points/Routes] Crash on promoting hauling stop past route title, past top entry (Toady One)
42 issues View Issues
0006706: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Farm plot options can overlap seed choices and other options, depending on list length and window size (Toady One)
0001254: [Pathfinding] When cavern is breached, web collection pathfinding spams with "unable to find path" (Toady One)
0001044: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Human Traders Brought "liquid" (Toady One)
0007694: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Bone stacks "morph" when bones used individually for crossbows, some bones "lost" (Toady One)
0004593: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] shearing sometimes produces stack of 1 wool, which cannot be used (Toady One)
0004309: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Butcher shop in burrow with unreachable, butcherable items causes job cancellation spam (Toady One)
0007357: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Traders teleport animal burdens to depot, pack animals subsequently wander around while prone (Toady One)
0007041: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Dragged animals escape a few tiles, then teleport back when their captor moves (Toady One)
0006709: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpiles] Crops have redundant entries in stockpile settings (from multiple materials?) (Toady One)
0000808: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Fishing] Processing Raw Turtles only makes one shell per stack, and other stack size issues (Toady One)
       0003898: [Reactions] Entire Bone Stacks are used in Reactions instead of a single Bone (Toady One)
       0001436: [Dwarf Mode -- Traps] Animal traps get baited with a whole stack of meat/fish (Toady One)
       0004616: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Spinning stacks of wool only produces a single yarn thread (Toady One)
       0003034: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] bone greaves require 3 stacks of bone (not just 3 bones) (Toady One)
       0003151: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Shell crafts use up the entire stack (Toady One)
       0002161: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Kitchen] Render fat job gets queued at multiple kitchens for single stack of fat (Toady One)
       0002117: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] stacked lye only produces 1 potash (Toady One)
       0002011: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Item Improvements/Decorations] Decorating with bone/horn uses whole stack (Toady One)
0006394: [World Generation -- General] "df" script does not pass command-line arguments correctly (i.e. for world generation) on OS X/Linux (Toady One)
0007611: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Military dwarves attack dwarves that have let out enemies from cages (Toady One)
0006842: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] Dwarves freeze up (get stuck) if path to destination is blocked (by a wall/bridge) (Toady One)
0007407: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handling] Unable to transfer goblins to pit zone due to terror (Toady One)
0007751: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handling] Enemy prisoners escape when attempting transfer from cage to pasture (Toady One)
0006692: [Adventure Mode -- Display] New options on travel screen obscure hunger/thirst indicators (Toady One)
0007779: [Civilizations/Entities -- General] Improper-named divinities can use wrong language (Toady One)
0007699: [Vegetation] Soybeans raws use unmodified default material attributes (Toady One)
0001101: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Text] No marker for burrows in undiscovered space, though the burrow becomes marked (Toady One)
0002469: [Pathfinding] If burrow includes unrevealed webs, dwarves try to collect the (inaccessible) webs and spam cancellations (Toady One)
       0003525: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Standing Orders] Auto Collect Webs adds tasks even when all webs are inaccessible (Toady One)
0006558: [Technical -- Input/Keybinding/Macros] "Broken Unicode" warnings for some keybindings (Toady One)
0000347: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Rendering a stack of fat yields individual tallow items rather than a stack (Toady One)
0001456: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] HFS item shows up in Rooms/Buildings, lever link menu (Toady One)
0004855: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Weapons/armor of underground civs available on military equipment screen (Toady One)
0005973: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Announcements that invisible cavern items have been stolen on reclaimed fort (Toady One)
0002233: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Rooms] Keys reversed on zone control (Toady One)
0007381: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpiles] Bolts and blowdarts appear twice in stockpile menu (Toady One)
0007590: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] [SPOILERS] Mayor demands items of new HFS material (shiny, frosty, etc metal) (Toady One)
0001297: [Adventure Mode -- Combat] Eye injuries always heal, don't cause vision impairment (Toady One)
0006938: [Adventure Mode -- Stealth] Eye damage doesn't affect vision arcs (Toady One)
0006749: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] When a root tile is mined or channeled, the entire tree ceases to exist (Toady One)
0006590: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Designations] Root Mining Designation Not Graphically Noted (Toady One)
0006544: [Civilizations/Entities -- Populations] Dwarf likes to consume Unknown Leaves (Toady One)
0002548: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Forgotten beasts made of mud have wrong material state (Toady One)
0000524: [Projectiles] Liquid glob material breath attacks come out solid (Toady One)
0001638: [Adventure Mode -- Environment] Dust from a cave-in referred to as "boiling magma" (Toady One)
0006537: [Adventure Mode -- Buildings] Anvils in forges in worldgen fortresses are thrones (Toady One)
0006836: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Text generation failed: data\announcement\unretire when reclaiming a fortress - incorrect path separator? (Toady One)
0007653: [Creatures] Rattlesnakes and Copperheads missing [CHILD:x] tag, won't breed (Toady One)
0006206: [Creatures] GIANT creature variation does not add [CHILD:x] tag, giant sized vermin incapable of breeding (Toady One)
0006196: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Cannot scroll through pages of stockpile links (Toady One)
50 issues View Issues
0005098: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] "Friendly" migrants with Trader profession act like on-the-job merchants (Toady One)
0005854: [Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy] Diplomats don't bring bodyguards (Toady One)
0005991: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Building Construction and Destruction] Dwarf tries to build wall standing on the construction site (Toady One)
0002922: [Init Options] Population Cap not working (Toady One)
0004406: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] Hospital zone does not respect cloth maximums (Toady One)
0003190: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] "Long patrol duty" thoughts accumulate from all squad orders, including training (Toady One)
0007253: [Adventure Mode -- Quests] Crash When opening Questlog (Toady One)
0006547: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Wolves passive in adventure mode. (Toady One)
0001568: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] 'clean shaven' hair style causes hair color to be omitted in the dwarf description (Toady One)
0006545: [Creatures] Flying creatures stop flying, fall to the ground, and explode (Toady One)
0005816: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] The last single bone from a stack is unusable refuse (Toady One)
0006262: [Throwing/Shooting] Rounding Error in Calculation of Projectile Velocities (Toady One)
0006380: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, Machines] Wind strength constant on smaller worlds? (Toady One)
0007293: [Adventure Mode -- Town] Shop's signs disappear after adventurer walks over them (Toady One)
0005462: [Animal Populations] Too many animal men, not enough animals? (Toady One)
0004505: [Animal Populations] Smaller than expected underground vermin populations (Toady One)
0006627: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Immigrants arrive/become hostile (Toady One)
0006636: [Arena] Object Testing Arena crash when trying to view creatur's preferences when it's holding an item (Toady One)
0005844: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Complaints about lack of jails don't happen properly (Toady One)
0006379: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Double-seed and triple-seed RNG init functions do not work correctly, causing inconsistent world gen (Toady One)
0006230: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Forging adamantine tools uses wrong number of wafers (Toady One)
0006815: [Arena] The "Butcher" option in arena mode partially overwrites the "Create tree" option (Toady One)
0007628: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] Dwarves can achieve dreams after they die (Toady One)
0002283: [Adventure Mode -- Inventory] Adventurer can drop a crutch in a number of ways that don't remove the crutch-walking status (Toady One)
0000066: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Cloth/thread stolen from traders for hospital (Toady One)
0006076: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Civilization/World Info] Wrong key to View Agreement (Toady One)
0007059: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] Sparring announces as combat in fortress mode (Toady One)
0007048: [Typos/Grammar] Typos in language_words.txt (Toady One)
0006997: [Typos/Grammar] Missing space in legends mode string (Toady One)
0005346: [Material Properties] Obsidian swords always blunt, due to low SHEAR_YIELD (Toady One)
0006985: [Material Properties] Some wood densities not applied properly (Toady One)
0004139: [Typos/Grammar] typo in View Building Items manual page (Toady One)
0007051: [Typos/Grammar] Typos in the raws (Toady One)
0007581: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Tree growth is too fast. (Toady One)
0002291: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View] Deceased creatures in unexplored underground layers visible in unit view (Toady One)
0005516: [Projectiles] Absurdly Powerful Bolts/Arrows (Toady One)
0006870: [Combat -- General] Bolts, crossbows and other ranged weapons have excessive SHOOT_FORCE values, leading to ranged combat issues (Toady One)
0007439: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View] Invaders still listed as missing after their corpses have been retrieved (Toady One)
0006534: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View] Wild animals and invaders appear as "missing" on missing/dead tab (Toady One)
0000747: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Planting of seeds allowed even if too late in the season (Toady One)
0006822: [Typos/Grammar] Misspelled words in the executable (Toady One)
       0006743: [Typos/Grammar] "he respect perseverence" in Thoughts/Preferences (Toady One)
0004533: [Typos/Grammar] You practice your Leatherworkering. (Toady One)
0001975: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] The "king has arrived" dialog (when you become a mountainhome) needs to be made gender specific. (Toady One)
0004943: [Creatures] Creatures with body part 2HEAD_ANTLER, butchered part becomes generic 'horn' (Toady One)
0006933: [Combat -- General] When an antler is shattered, it refers to it as a horn. (Toady One)
0006482: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] Campfire renewal logic checks coordinates incorrectly (Toady One)
0006378: [Creatures] Ducks and geese have wrong category for rooting around (Toady One)
0006581: [Technical -- General] Incorrect Version Listed in the Help Menu (Toady One)
0003295: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Elves don't have diplomats/liaisons (Toady One)
0004390: [Creatures] Random creature spine body part lacks [CONNECTOR] tag (Toady One)
0006298: [Creatures] King cobra men use wrong creature variations (Toady One)
0001097: [Typos/Grammar] Minor grammar bug in personality, picture included (Toady One)
0006826: [Typos/Grammar] Typo in dragon description (Toady One)
0000048: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Elves bring tame tigermen in cages because they have [PET] and [PETVALUE:x] (Toady One)
0007136: [Creatures] jumping spiders have a duplicate HOMEOTHERM tag (Toady One)
0007135: [Typos/Grammar] Typo in dwarf's personality: "He easily changes himself mind..." (Toady One)
0006731: [Typos/Grammar] Incorrect plurals due to STP (Toady One)
0005782: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Crundles lack [CHILD] tag, eggs don't hatch (Toady One)
0006119: [Creatures] Giant Tortoise and Desert Tortoise missing [LARGE_ROAMING] (Toady One)
0005759: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Children who gain skills will have planting labor enabled if they migrate to a second fortress (Toady One)
0006069: [Creatures] Eyelash tissue modifiers not applied properly (Toady One)
0005863: [Creatures] Horseshoe crabs don't have blue blood (Toady One)
0006395: [Creatures] Squid raws missing [SELECT_CASTE:ALL] (Toady One)
0005862: [Typos/Grammar] Giant armadillo caste names are backwards (Toady One)
0006006: [Creatures] Stoat caste names reversed (Toady One)
0006308: [Typos/Grammar] Typo in tapir description (Toady One)
0005818: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Jobs using casts, tools, slabs, or food storage containers look too hard for items (Toady One)
0005971: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Eating/Drinking] Fat dwarves eating causes lag. (Toady One)
0005703: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Fishing] Underground lake, despite having fish, is always reported as "there is nothing to catch" (Toady One)
0001577: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military] High Master Hammerdwarf gets labeled as plain "Hammerdwarf" rather than "Hammerlord" when put back on duty (Toady One)
0001482: [Creatures] Children that gain professional skills still grow up to be Peasants (Toady One)
0000872: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Children growing up to peasants do not have healthcare labors set. (Toady One)
0003100: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Military dwarves turn off all of their labors when becoming heroes (Toady One)
0002493: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Smelting] Cannot melt metal chests (Toady One)
0006364: [Combat -- General] Weight fraction not considered when calculating weapon velocities (Toady One)
0006440: [Artistic Images (engravings etc)] Art facet modifiers not properly applied for creature images, casting wrong pointer (Toady One)
0006116: [Creatures] Fish in aquariums interfere with vermin behavior checks (Toady One)
0003759: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Dwarven caravan brought silver crossbow, ITEMS_WEAPON_RANGED ignored in world gen? (Toady One)
0006117: [Creatures] Vermin can only escape from artifact animal traps (Toady One)
0007535: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Underground trees grow through ground, other weirdness. (Toady One)
0007540: [Vegetation] Trees growing inside constructed walls (Toady One)
0007060: [Adventure Mode -- Sites] Goblins and humans from other civilisations live in dwarf fortresses and fight against each other (Toady One)
0006976: [Technical -- General] Repeating error "cie: 24" in errorlog.txt with single digit FPS (Toady One)
84 issues View Issues
0005994: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Building Construction and Destruction] Destroying a construction teleports nearby items (Toady One)
0006748: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handling] Cannot train animals for hunting or war (Toady One)
0006560: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] War Dogs appear to run from themselves in terror (Toady One)
0000950: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] No annoucement when new Mayor is elected. (Toady One)
0006996: [Adventure Mode -- General] Events and groups in the "Q" menu use the same hotkey. (Toady One)
0005732: [World Generation -- General] Site finder doesn't see flux/coal if metal ores are present (Toady One)
0000449: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Strangling/strangulation doesn't kill people who are already unconscious for other reasons (Toady One)
0007063: [Combat -- General] AI prefer punching and kicking to using weapons, even as weaponmasters (Toady One)
0007236: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Trees don't regrow - env. covered in live/dead saplings (Toady One)
0007127: [Map Features] Chopping down trees that overhang constructed walls removes the floor from top of walls (Toady One)
0007323: [Technical -- General] Unknown crash in autumn of first year (Toady One)
0006915: [Adventure Mode -- General] Crash when starting adventurer in retired fortress (Toady One)
0007248: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Crash a few ticks after embark (Toady One)
0006804: [Civilizations/Entities -- Populations] Human overpopulation (Toady One)
0007154: [Adventure Mode -- Sites] Maxed-out animal populations cause lag in dwarf/goblin sites (Toady One)
0005283: [World Generation -- General] Crash upon accepting/saving a generated world when old-version saves are present (Toady One)
16 issues View Issues
0006562: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Farm Plots] Selecting a season in a farm plot does nothing (Toady One)
0006807: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Crash when pressing Tab to view minimap (Toady One)
0006576: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] Crash while sleeping/waiting in Adv Mode (Toady One)
0007088: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Crash While Moving North Towards Sewer Access. (Toady One)
0000398: [Vegetation] Underground plants do not grow correctly across different types of soil. (Toady One)
0006571: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Large influx of babies from multiple civilizations, eventually causes crash (Toady One)
0006699: [Dwarf Mode -- Moods] y: Relationships crashes (Toady One)
0006654: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] Indefinite hang fast-traveling from (or sleeping in) necromancer tower (Toady One)
0006696: [Adventure Mode -- Retirement] Unretiring adventurer causes character to be stuck inside rock (Toady One)
0006771: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Asking the dwarves in a fortress about their trade partners causes the game to crash (Toady One)
0006555: [Adventure Mode -- Character Creation] Crash on calendar screen while attempting to create new adventurer after previous adventurer gives in/dies (Toady One)
0006792: [Adventure Mode -- Retirement] Using a retired adventurer spawns a clone (Toady One)
0006995: [Adventure Mode -- Character Creation] Crash in adventure mode on dead world after trying to create 3rd adventurer (Toady One)
13 issues View Issues
0006334: [Creatures] Creatures, including dwarves, born in the fortress do not grow to full adult size. (Toady One)
0006529: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Starting a conversation with no one around causes crash (Toady One)
0006524: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Crash when talking to deity (Toady One)
0006681: [Technical -- General] Autosave causes save corruption and crashes on load (Toady One)
0006817: [Typos/Grammar] "Behold, mortal. I am a diving being." (Toady One)
0006669: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Game freezes on entering ocean. (Toady One)
0006569: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Crash when asking about the location/position of forces (Toady One)
0006659: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cooking and Food] Quarry Bush Leaves not cookable (Toady One)
0006538: [Adventure Mode -- Combat] Crashed while blocking in arena mode (Toady One)
0006653: [Adventure Mode -- General] Displaying tracks is bound to k instead of K (Toady One)
10 issues View Issues
0005765: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Text] One-eyed creatures get improperly pluralized verb -- "eye glow" instead of "eye glows" (Toady One)
0003497: [Technical -- Input/Keybinding/Macros] incorrect string entry keybindings (Toady One)
0004471: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Notes/Points/Routes] Attempting to name a point in the route menu causes game to lock up (Toady One)
0001575: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Interface text is too wide, overwrites other menu options (Toady One)
0006362: [Typos/Grammar] "This is a your bronze" (Toady One)
0006346: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Cant join temples in cities (Toady One)
0006242: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Crash from destroyed minecart still assigned to route (Toady One)
0000522: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Notes/Points/Routes] Editing a route's name makes the cursor flash on the point's name, as if you were editing it. (Toady One)
0001960: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Building Construction] hotkey jumps after selecting build (Toady One)
0001567: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Trees don't burn in magma (user6)
0002245: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] BOX announcements not centered on large resolutions (Toady One)
0005578: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Crash during worldgen from a SEMIMEGABEAST or MEGABEAST lacking both LAIR and POWER/SPHERES (Toady One)
0004590: [Combat -- General] Elephant killed by three hoary marmots - Issue with pain (Toady One)
0002119: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] Construction Mason Job canceled if you place another construction job on the tile where the dorf preform will the job. (Toady One)
0001727: [Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy] Outpost Liaison arrived, and then decided to chase a groundhog. (lethosor)
0002773: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Dwarf's job switches from "Rest" to "No Job" when undergoing surgery (Toady One)
0004491: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Workshop Profiles] Jeweler's Workshop allows "Encrust with Gems" option when no cut gems are available. (Toady One)
0003883: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Main View] Linux FPS display blocks PAUSED indicator (Toady One)
0000033: [Combat -- General] Bronze colossus, skeletal creatures, fleshballs, and others are impossible to kill (Toady One)
       0001292: [Combat -- General] Eyes can't be gouged out (Toady One)
       0002327: [Combat -- General] Blunt weapons extremely ineffective, extended single combat with groundhog (Toady One)
0000089: [Combat -- General] Wrestler/Fighter levels up way too quickly, especially against much bigger/stronger creatures (Toady One)
0000521: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Player is frozen with infinite "Flying" status message when falling onto a tree from above. (Toady One)
0006002: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Tamed animals that revert to wild state retain trap immunity (Toady One)
0000740: [Weather] (Arena Mode) Rain gets "stuck" (Toady One)
0004851: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Tasks] Dwarves assigned to newly created burrows just stand still with "No job" (Toady One)
0000026: [Flows] Waterfalls do not change z-levels (Toady One)
0001203: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] might tame animals prematurely detect ambushers in some cases? (Toady One)
0002778: [Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy] Diplomat goes insane, still in fortress when abandoned, same diplomat arrives insane in new game (Toady One)
0000187: [World Generation -- Constructions] Engraved caverns under temple (Toady One)
       0002424: [Sites] Caverns smoothed underneath worldgen mountain halls (Toady One)
0002555: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Main View] Trees/shrubs growing underwater display wrong tile above (Toady One)
0001549: [Adventure Mode -- Eating/Drinking] Adventurers can drink blood spatters even if they're not dehydrated (Toady One)
0001469: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Notes/Points/Routes] Using Hot Keys while in a menu will not change Z-Levels (Toady One)
0001163: [Adventure Mode -- Display] Submerged trees can be swam through, block LOS, and are invisible with SHOW_FLOW_AMOUNTS:YES (Toady One)
0003722: [Combat -- General] Falling damage blocked/deflected by armor results in malformed combat announcements (Toady One)
0006208: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] "Lost grudge to tragedy" happiness penalty is broken (Toady One)
0005743: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] "The Foodwarf counterstrikes!" during sparring is not marked as happening during sparring (red instead of light blue) (Toady One)
0004927: [World Generation -- General] Many added plants crash world gen (Toady One)
0000972: [Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy] Diplomat/liaison arrives, immediately dies of old age (and other old age issues) (Toady One)
0005569: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Stone globs (generated by magma crabs) get stored in food stockpiles (Toady One)
0005739: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Stockpile settings for cloth are broken if adamantine cloth is permitted (Toady One)
0000858: [Creatures] Livestock strangely agressive. (Toady One)
0000924: [Adventure Mode -- Quests] Townsfolk suggest getting quests from the dead (Toady One)
0000809: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Administrator suggests finding himself (Toady One)
0005665: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] non-historical figures have 1 granite birthdays (Toady One)
0001822: [Arena] Obsidian walls hang from non-existent ceiling in Arena Mode (Toady One)
0000532: [Combat -- General] The fighter skill appears to have a negative affect. (Toady One)
0000917: [Adventure Mode -- Combat] Attempting to remove a stuck-in with no [GRASP] part crashes game (Toady One)
0005195: [Combat -- Stuck-ins] invincible zombie swan (Toady One)
0005312: [Undeath] Undead reanimate too quickly (Toady One)
0006278: [Creatures] Speedy giant snails. (Toady One)
0004312: [Creatures] Creatures using variations fail to redefine SPEED or SWIM_SPEED (Toady One)
0002123: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View] Job Labour Assignments remembering sub-category instead (Toady One)
0003605: [Adventure Mode -- Stealth] Party unjoins when sneaking player is spotted (Toady One)
0000178: [Adventure Mode -- Stealth] Megabeasts and other creatures ignore sneaking.... (Toady One)
0006457: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Adventurers from entities with LOCAL_BANDITRY token can attack peaceful villagers without confirmation (Toady One)
0006235: [Dwarf Mode -- Justice] Report Crimes jobs generated and taken, but never completed (Toady One)
0001523: [Combat -- Wrestling] Knocked out teeth dont bleed (Toady One)
0003642: [Adventure Mode -- Stealth] Notable foes say "Prepare to die!" even if they don't notice you (Toady One)
0000391: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Notable Enemies constantly declaring their "Prepare to die" speeches (Toady One)
0003561: [Adventure Mode -- Combat] Wild animals become friendly/neutral when unconscious (Toady One)
0006192: [Legends Mode -- History Export] Text export calls all lair creatures outcasts (Toady One)
0000065: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Trade] Mugs not a category in "Bring to trade depot" menu (Toady One)
0003426: [Combat -- Wrestling] Bare-hands strangulation results in bloodfest (Toady One)
0002892: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Different liaison every year (Toady One)
0002854: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Duty-bound drunks: "I'm sorry. My duty is here." (Toady One)
0003268: [Adventure Mode -- Stealth] Items thrown while hiding will never hit. (Toady One)
0005247: [Adventure Mode -- Combat] Can't shoot prone targets while sneaking (Toady One)
0005511: [Undeath] Undead/zombies/reanimated survive magma and fire indefinitely (Toady One)
0003409: [Map Features] Goblin and dwarf sites often not showing on map (Toady One)
0000440: [Adventure Mode -- Town] Humans die of old age after end of world gen; corpses lay around town (Toady One)
0000937: [Map Features] Aquifer generation does not seem to be respecting mountains/elevations; conglomerate layers related? (Toady One)
0003618: [Combat -- General] Impossible to knock out an opponant with a head injury without killing them. (Toady One)
74 issues View Issues
0001697: [Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy] While paused, placing designations causes cat adoptions, martial trances, liaison meeting/negotiations (Toady One)
0002264: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] Adv. Mode travel (near oceans) teleports player underground and turns them into an underground creature (Toady One)
       0004181: [Adventure Mode -- Sleep] Sleeping on a melting iceberg results in waking up as a demon or other underground creature. (Toady One)
0002486: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Soldiers don't eat from backpacks while on duty (Toady One)
0000114: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military] Kill orders not cleared after completion (Toady One)
0005786: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment] Dwarf not wearing owned clothing, produces bad thoughts (Toady One)
0005158: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hunting] Dwarves try to cross the edge of waterfalls because water is shallower there, get swept over (Toady One)
0004135: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Large pots are placed in furniture stockpiles regardless of settings. (Toady One)
0005907: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Constructions (walls etc)] Deconstruction results in falling blocks injuring dwarves (Toady One)
0001301: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Squad go off-duty if you give them a move order they can't fulfill (can't find path) (Toady One)
0003011: [World Generation -- General] Command line mode incorrectly handles spaces in parameter profile names (Toady One)
0001000: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Militia commander grabs all new weapons in the same hand. (Toady One)
0005485: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Assigning "specific weapon / armor" doesn't show which items are already assigned. (Toady One)
0004932: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Dwarves try to equip armor in order of its production instead of in order specified by uniform (Toady One)
0005748: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Childcare] Children Still Tantruming/Going Berserk at Age 2 Over Clothing (Toady One)
0002241: [World Generation -- General] Command line option issues (Toady One)
0001664: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Weapons stuck in an enemy's corpse become auto-forbidden even if a dwarf is still wielding the weapon (Toady One)
0001998: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Player can't set the more generic uniform options, like "any headgear" (Toady One)
0005741: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Boots don't count as shoes, military gets bad thoughts (Toady One)
0005939: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Dwarves do not put empty bags into minecart, instead drop them on the same tile (Toady One)
0005948: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Detaching container from a Store In Bin/Barrel job causes crash in combining code. (Toady One)
0005929: [Dwarf Mode -- Transport/Hauling] Dwarves do not ride minecarts when there is no access to destination stop. (Toady One)
0005946: [World Generation -- Parameters] Random seeds too large to type in. (Toady One)
0005931: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Trying to renaming a noble in a military screen make DF stop responding (Toady One)
0005937: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Hauler with bin wanders in circles (Toady One)
25 issues View Issues
0005921: [Combat -- General] Biting dwarves in minecarts infinitely increases combat range (Toady One)
0005809: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Milk buckets not transferred to barrels sometimes (Toady One)
0005915: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Lye Buckets Being Stored In Barrels (Toady One)
0005923: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] De-assigned minecarts aren't freed up (Toady One)
0005911: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, Machines] Rollers accelerate carts that are not in contact with the roller (Toady One)
5 issues View Issues
0005232: [Flows] Streams/brooks/rivers getting turned stagnant by nearby pools/ponds (Toady One)
0005882: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Dwarves take forever to fill a bucket (Toady One)
0001376: [World Generation -- General] Presence of saltwater marsh causes mountain brooks/pools to become salty (Toady One)
0005898: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] Fast travel while inside of minecart makes it invisible (Toady One)
0005899: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Picking up the minecart you're riding causes crash (Toady One)
0005900: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Smelting] Coal smelting yields too low (Toady One)
0005888: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Stone wheelbarrows available on embark but not in game (Toady One)
0005887: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] No stockpile option for minecarts (Toady One)
0005886: [Dwarf Mode -- Transport/Hauling] Route Creation Menu falls off screen. (Toady One)
0005892: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Main View] Look cursor displays minecarts incorrectly when over rollers (Toady One)
0005890: [Technical -- Saving/Loading] The 'next vehicle id' is initialized with garbage on upgrade from 0.34.07 (Toady One)
0005894: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, Machines] Rollers sometimes keep working even when powered off (Toady One)
0005879: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Wheelbarrow gets stuck on wall (Toady One)
13 issues View Issues
0005530: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Clay stockpile option disappears (Toady One)
0005046: [Material Properties] Bloodstone is green, not red. (Toady One)
0005730: [Typos/Grammar] Typo in c_variation_default - ATTACL instead of ATTACK in 2 tags (Toady One)
0003120: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] No way to produce toys/instruments without HARD_MAT (e.g. drums and puzzle boxes) (Toady One)
0001860: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Metal blocks weigh more than bars of the same metal (Toady One)
5 issues View Issues
0000135: [Creatures] Fish and other creatures listed twice in embark screen and trade screen, with no male/female symbol (Toady One)
0005338: [Civilizations/Entities -- General] Thralled elves still at peace with wildlife (Toady One)
0005590: [Creatures] Giant Bushtit prefstring talks about small size. (Toady One)
0005588: [Creatures] Weasels probably shouldn't be found on glaciers. (Toady One)
0005585: [Creatures] Great barracudas should have and use teeth (Toady One)
0005582: [Creatures] Blacktip and whitetip reef sharks have capitalized tiles but small size (Toady One)
0005531: [Creatures] Legless pinniped animal men have kick attacks (Toady One)
0004432: [Creatures] Many animal men don't use hands/legs to fight. (Toady One)
0002440: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Flux is ignored in the Site Finder (Toady One)
0000110: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Migrant hunters/miners/woodcutters can arrive with labors disabled, causing them to drop equipment (Toady One)
       0001609: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Immigrant dwarves' skills often don't match their job settings (Toady One)
       0000124: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Immigrant farmer arrives with all farming labors enabled. (Toady One)
       0001486: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Immigrant arrives with all farming skills, and all farming labors enabled (Toady One)
0005055: [Adventure Mode -- General] Vampires have too much jewelry from their victims (Toady One)
0003708: [Undeath] Ghost names that can't be engraved on a slab and nameless slab engravings (Toady One)
0000152: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Status] Display on medical history shows date as '0st' (Toady One)
0004277: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, General] Bull cages are called cow cages (Toady One)
0000099: [Dwarf Mode -- Moods] Fey dwarf screams for 'rock bars'. (Toady One)
0005600: [Creatures] Minor inconsistencies in c_variation_default (Toady One)
0005601: [Creatures] SPONGE_MAN has improper body shape conversion (Toady One)
0005639: [Creatures] Rats have [:GENERAL_POISON] instead of [CREATURE_CLASS:GENERAL_POISON] (Toady One)
0000078: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Profiles] Kills list contains multiple redundant/identical-looking entries for different genders/castes (without gender symbol) (Toady One)
0001072: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stocks] Double Entry Raw Turtles STOCK SCREEN (.03) (Toady One)
0001437: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] Year in announcement date is always current year (Toady One)
0000665: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] Seasons announced before the 1st day of the month (Toady One)
0003877: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment] Carpenters Always Have Axes (Toady One)
0005595: [Reactions] Undead dwarf contracted were-chameleon curse. (Toady One)
0005678: [Undeath] ghostly dwarves can't be memorialized (Toady One)
0005690: [Combat -- Target Selection] Interactions do not recognize valid targets when CE_ADD_TAG is used. (Toady One)
0005704: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Vampires who have been scouts brag about murders they committed while scouting. (Toady One)
0005603: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Vampires asked about their profession will talk about huge number of sentient being kills. (Toady One)
0005594: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Dwarves attempt to pasture undead animals (Toady One)
0005698: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Dwarves try to uncage undead pets, but fail (Toady One)
0003611: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Memorial slab with no name. (Toady One)
0005130: [Dwarf Mode -- Moods] Magma-destroyed corpses are always "missing," can't carve slab to prevent ghosts (Toady One)
0005695: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Animals] "Overall Training" tab of Animals screen starts out empty (Toady One)
0005563: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Adventurer Mode crashing in sleep, fast travel (Toady One)
0005599: [Legends Mode -- Map Export] Crash when exporting detailed map in legends mode (Toady One)
0005697: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] migrants arrived and leave jewelry on the ground (Toady One)
0005701: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Domesticated egg-layers have semi-wild children (Toady One)
0005692: [Technical -- Saving/Loading] 34.05 Adv Mode save crashes on load in 34.06 (Toady One)
0005644: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Profiles] Some mannerism strings have static male pronouns that cause gender mismatches (Toady One)
0005699: [Dwarf Mode -- Moods] Strange Mood dwarves continue leading animals (Toady One)
0005705: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Childcare] dwarf children die from embarassment at not being dressed at age 2 (Toady One)
0005584: [Arena] Ant man creatures immediately crash game upon trying to be created as Werebeasts in Object Testing Arena (Toady One)
0005627: [Creatures] Crashes when transforming into werebeast (Toady One)
46 issues View Issues
0004394: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Animals] Egg-laying animals, once trained for war, stop claiming nest boxes and laying eggs (Toady One)
0002481: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment] Dwarves will claim new clothes when theirs is worn (xClothesx) but not wear it (Toady One)
0001677: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Exotic pets do not breed (Toady One)
0004979: [Items] Tool weight ignores [SIZE] (Toady One)
0003942: [Dwarf Mode -- Economics] Dwarves owning broken clothing. Clothes don't rot, ANNIHILATES FPS. (Toady One)
0001083: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Dwarves with worn-out clothes steal replacement clothes from merchants (Toady One)
0003453: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Baron/etc. cannot appoint baron-appointed nobles, such as the Tax Collector (Toady One)
0000231: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Body parts from large creatures (bones, meat, leather, tusks, etc) slow workshops down due to clutter (Toady One)
0002008: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Dumping owned rotten food don't work (Toady One)
0004133: [Vegetation] Good/evil plants/trees don't appear (feather trees, glumprongs, sliver barbs, and sun berries) (Toady One)
0000482: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Animals] Tame exotic pets don't show up in the Animals screen (Toady One)
0003667: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handling] Can't tame purring maggots with embark meat, needs meat produced on map (Toady One)
0002884: [Items] cancels store owned item: item inaccessible [every 5 seconds] (Toady One)
0002479: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] Imprisoned dwarf "cancels Store Owned Item: Item inaccessible" about once/day (Toady One)
0001020: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Children spam cancellations when trying to claim clothing (Toady One)
0000306: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements: Message Spam] Injured soldier tries to pick up equipment with broken arms- message spam (Toady One)
0002632: [Adventure Mode -- Inventory] Adventurer can wear 3 tunics 2 hoods 2 cloaks (Toady One)
0001002: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Clothes lost by civilian Dwarves while fighting are not put back on. (Toady One)
0003824: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment] After disbanding, military dwarves won't put their civilian clothing back on (Toady One)
0001011: [Items] Object testing arena, creature creation, footwear handling weirdness (Toady One)
0004333: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Uniforms with socks sometimes end up on same foot (Toady One)
0005054: [Adventure Mode -- Inventory] Adventurer wearing one sock prefers to put second sock on same foot (Toady One)
0001396: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Children claim clothes they cannot/will not wear or store in rooms (Toady One)
0005029: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Tool forging ignores MATERIAL_SIZE (Toady One)
0001432: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Elves sell you vermin in cages. Cages don't say that they are occupied by vermin. (Toady One)
0000415: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Merchants' unpurchased small creatures can be placed in cages (Toady One)
0003388: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, Cages and Chains] Traded vermin are unadoptable (Toady One)
0005439: [Technical -- General] ctrl U stalls the game when too many numbers are put into it (Baughn)
0005127: [Legends Mode -- History Export] Segmentation fault when exporting map/gen info with PRINT_MODE:TEXT (Baughn)
0005126: [Technical -- Rendering] Crash when view civs in legends mode (color pairs) (Baughn)
30 issues View Issues
0003544: [Adventure Mode -- Sleep] Sleep on top of castle tower, wake up outside of castle (Toady One)
0002039: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stocks] Dwarf Graphics persist on stock screen (Baughn)
0005408: [Typos/Grammar] Typo in description for Red Panda (Toady One)
0005464: [Typos/Grammar] Giant desert scorpion is an arachnid not an insect. (Toady One)
0005455: [Typos/Grammar] Muskox have grey hair but it should be black (Toady One)
0005047: [Adventure Mode -- Sleep] Sleep in building/house; wake up outside or on roof (Toady One)
0005549: [Technical -- General] Game crashes from traders bringing seeds in wool bags (Toady One)
0005426: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] Reanimating undead causes crash (Toady One)
0005507: [World Generation -- General] Necromancer bandit leader (Toady One)
0005520: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Burial] Vampires memorial name doesn't match alias (Toady One)
0005236: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] Dwarves get unhappy thought for dead relative/friend while body is still missing (Toady One)
0005052: [Adventure Mode -- Buildings] Abandoned houses keep their cabinets and bags full of itens (Toady One)
0005068: [Adventure Mode -- Reactions] Butchering remains named oddly (Toady One)
0005159: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] Ambushed by a barn owl while traveling in Adventure Mode. (Toady One)
0005248: [Adventure Mode -- Reactions] Raised bogeymen corpses limit fast travel/sleep (Toady One)
0005463: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] Dwarf necromancers that die during siege come back as ghostly, unremovable necromancers (Toady One)
0005326: [Undeath] Ghost of vampires still drink blood (Toady One)
0005468: [Adventure Mode -- Trade] Bought items placed in most recently equipped container, even if it's a quiver/waterskin/etc (Toady One)
0005414: [Adventure Mode -- Display] page 10 of the companion list breaks. (Toady One)
0005413: [Adventure Mode -- Reactions] necromancy corpse raise list wont change pages. (Toady One)
0005460: [Dwarf Mode -- Justice] Vampire accuses baby of killing victim (Toady One)
0005440: [Undeath] Undead cat can adopt dwarf (Toady One)
0005382: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] A zombie hand in freezing water is consistently crashing the game. (Toady One)
0005447: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Crash on caravan arrival (Toady One)
0005434: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] DF Crashes on path fail (Toady One)
0001588: [Creatures] Forgotten Beast with 1 eye and 2 eyelids (Toady One)
       0003738: [Creatures] Night creatures with more/less than two eyes have two eyelids (Toady One)
       0003402: [Creatures] Random eyeless creatures can have eyelids. (Toady One)
0005392: [Creatures] Eyelids not properly associated with eyes? (Toady One)
29 issues View Issues
0005449: [Undeath] Crash when attempting to view reanimated zombie (Baughn)
0005207: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] TrueType crashing when creating barracks from armor stand (Baughn)
0005478: [Adventure Mode -- Inventory] Game crashes when I try to interact with blood-filled waterskin (Baughn)
0001350: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Trade] DF mouse icon leaves a never ending trail on the liason screen where you are shown the civ's wealth (Baughn)
0005451: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Text] TrueType crash on the "your settlement has crumbled to its end" screen (Baughn)
0005498: [Legends Mode -- Map Export] Lock/crash from attempting to export map twice after world generation (Toady One)
6 issues View Issues
0005161: [World Generation -- General] Game crashed during world generation (Toady One)
0005314: [General] In material_template_default.txt [MATERIAL_TEMPLATE:GIZZARD_TEMPLATE] has [BUTCHER_SPECIAL:MEAT:NONE] twice. (Toady One)
0005077: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Browsing world gen map causes corrupted feature files (Toady One)
0004025: [World Generation -- General] Kobolds still starving to death early in world gen (Toady One)
0005286: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpiles] Some stone types cannot be disabled in z-stones menu (Toady One)
0003232: [TrueType] When using TrueType, highlighted names on the unit list are the same color as highlight bar (Toady One)
0003234: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View] Customize Profession Name says "Customize Nickname: Customize Profession Name" (Toady One)
0003963: [World Generation -- General] World Generation too slow (Toady One)
0005064: [Adventure Mode -- Quests] Outcast criminals live in town houses, keep old civ memberships, cause loyalty cascades (Toady One)
0005269: [World Generation -- Beasts] Worldgen has alarmingly high rate of monster rampages and extremely high monarch mortality rate (Toady One)
0005118: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Can reveal hell by designating across z-levels which include eerie glowing pits (Toady One)
0005319: [Legends Mode -- Historical Figures] Vampire simultaneously chieftess of one entity and law-giver of another (Toady One)
0005273: [World Generation -- Parameters] Cull Hist Figs crashes World Gen. (Toady One)
0005104: [World Generation -- General] In worldgen, Age of Legends briefly reverts to Age of Myth (Toady One)
0005446: [TrueType] Crash when using TrueType, always happens when text runs off the screen. (Baughn)
0005156: [Undeath] Gloom husk cats give birth to normal kittens, then attack them (Toady One)
0005108: [Adventure Mode -- Buildings] Items can't be taken out of built cabinets in Adv Mode (Toady One)
0004173: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stocks] Kaolinite is not listed as economic stone, despite being used for porcelain (Toady One)
0005259: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Soldier dwarf from previous fort arrives active, but not part of squad (Toady One)
0005221: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Royal family (minus the actual monarch) arrive as normal migrants (Toady One)
0005328: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Ghosts can immigrate from past fortresses (Toady One)
0005078: [Undeath] Zombies re-animated multiple times, resulting in malformed creature/corpse names (Toady One)
0005111: [Adventure Mode -- General] Some player raised zombies are hostile to player and other friendly zombies (Toady One)
0005089: [Adventure Mode -- Combat] Re-raised (flaming?) corpses in tomb instantly bleed to death (Toady One)
0005050: [Technical -- Rendering] Adv Mode "get" menu not refreshing properly with TrueType (Baughn)
0005366: [Technical -- Input/Keybinding/Macros] Bizarre macro behavior (Baughn)
0005125: [Dwarf Mode -- Justice] guilty party accusing non-sentients of a crime (Toady One)
0005140: [Dwarf Mode -- Justice] False identity of vampire overrides nicknames (Toady One)
0005244: [Adventure Mode -- Buildings] Tomb hoards contain very few weapons (Toady One)
0005325: [Adventure Mode -- Reactions] Cannot butcher horseshoe crab (Toady One)
0005231: [Adventure Mode -- Eating/Drinking] Drinking blood as vampire causes permanent speed loss (Toady One)
0005169: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Marksdwarves will not train on archery targets (Toady One)
0005321: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Human vampire law-giver attacked before being accused (Toady One)
0005322: [General] Syndromes and interactions use "LIKESFIGHTING" instead of "LIKES_FIGHTING" (Toady One)
0001225: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, General] "u: Unit List" not on side menu (Toady One)
0005137: [Adventure Mode -- AI] Goblin in human towns will attack the player and make the townsfolk angry to the player (Toady One)
0005132: [Creatures] Horseshoe crab men, can't walk, can't attack (Toady One)
0005254: [Creatures] Only one member of a flock of Giant Keas steals an item, then the entire flock, except the thief, returns for more. (Toady One)
0005074: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Designations] Mouse click while designating sets mark like enter does (Toady One)
39 issues View Issues
0001324: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] buckets full of water were used to produce lye (Toady One)
0005113: [Adventure Mode -- Inventory] Readable materials (books, slabs) duplicating in inventory (Toady One)
0005048: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Crash when greeting/talking to villager (access violation) (Toady One)
0005051: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Giant mosquitoes don't stop spawning -- 172 on map (Toady One)
0004434: [Creatures] Several tags added to 'GIANT' creature entries are not removed by the 'GIANT' template, resulting in duplicates (Toady One)
0000118: [Typos/Grammar] typo in Nobles and Administrators manual page (Toady One)
0004753: [Creatures] Rodent men have no skin (Toady One)
0004667: [Typos/Grammar] Rabbit description is false; rabbits are not rodents (Toady One)
0004547: [Creatures] Unicorn raws missing [SELECT_CASTE:ALL] (Toady One)
0004431: [Creatures] Iron men and mud men have malformed UNDERGROUND_DEPTH (Toady One)
0004429: [Creatures] Plural of reindeer should be 'reindeer' (Toady One)
0004428: [Creatures] Blue peafowl use COLOR instead of CASTE_COLOR, resulting in both genders being same color (Toady One)
0004136: [Typos/Grammar] typo in Animal Trap Menu manual page (Toady One)
0004137: [Typos/Grammar] Manual still mentions "alchemist's lab" for producing soap (Toady One)
0004140: [Typos/Grammar] typo in Building Clutter manual page (Toady One)
0004141: [Typos/Grammar] Manual still mentions "cliff face" for going outdoors (Toady One)
0004142: [Typos/Grammar] typo in Room/Building List manual page (Toady One)
0004131: [Typos/Grammar] typo in Making Crafts manual page (Toady One)
0004928: [Language] Word SQUASH is in symbol MAGIC (Toady One)
0005122: [Adventure Mode -- General] Outdated adventure mode help text (Toady One)
0000197: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] No wagons in trader/merchant caravans (Toady One)
0000073: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Status] cannot disable the use of obsidian in the z->stone screen (Toady One)
0000068: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Standing Orders] 'Auto Fishery' and 'Auto Kitchen' workshop orders toggled with 'Auto Butcher' (Toady One)
0000130: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Forge jobs always use only a single bar (Toady One)
0001332: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Olivine doors look like gems (Toady One)
0004573: [Reactions] [MAGMA_BUILD_SAFE] reaction token does not work properly (Toady One)
0005114: [Technical -- Saving/Loading] Segfault/crash when trying to save game in both Fortress and Adventure modes (Toady One)
0000040: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] "Dwarf cancels Make Cloth Item : Needs 10000 plant cloth" (Toady One)
       0001125: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] Furnace Operator cancels make pig iron bars: Needs 150 refined coal (Toady One)
       0000561: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Smelting] running out of strands when smelting adamantine wafers gives "needs 15000 adamantine strands" (Toady One)
       0000328: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] Weaver cancels Weave Thread into Cloth: Needs 15000 collected plant thread. (Toady One)
       0000063: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Steel Bar Cancel - 150 Iron Bars (Toady One)
0005072: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] Removing designations doesn't cancel jobs that have already been claimed by dwarves (Toady One)
0005101: [Adventure Mode -- Eating/Drinking] Companions get hungry/starving and thirsty/dehydrated, no way to feed them (Toady One)
0005128: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] Crash to desktop when approaching lairs (Toady One)
0005082: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Reclaim immediately results in crumbled fortress (Toady One)
0005150: [Dwarf Mode -- Abandonment of Fort] Reclaiming with unfinished buildings causes cancellation spam. (Toady One)
0005201: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Glazing an item gives it a "cut" like it was a gem (Toady One)
0004854: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Dwarfs given a job via designation which is then canceled still walk to designated area if they have nothing better to do. (Toady One)
0005081: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Cannot cancel unaccessible "Remove Trees" (Toady One)
0005086: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stocks] Frozen evil rain/fumes on stone stock menu (Toady One)
0002793: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Status] Z-Stones menu includes metals, can be toggled as economic (Toady One)
0005134: [Adventure Mode -- Trade] Misplaced "and" in money transactions (Toady One)
0005210: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] Dehydrated companions prevent fast travel and sleep (Toady One)
0002589: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Metal doors look like wood/stone doors after being placed. (Toady One)
0003099: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Metal cages/floodgates/etc. show up with colors backwards (Toady One)
0005057: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] Adventure Mode random fast travel crash (Toady One)
47 issues View Issues
0003263: [Technical -- General] Mac version unable to load up Dwarf Fortress game at all. (Toady One)
0001016: [Dwarf Mode -- Justice] Captain of the guard performs beating with combat weapon. (Toady One)
0000375: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Status] Missing Admin/Noble icon in Status Screen (Toady One)
0001111: [Geology] Ore/gem frequency parameters don't work (Toady One)
       0001407: [Geology] No mineral deposits in ALLUVIAL layers (Toady One)
       0001411: [Geology] Numerical parameter of ENVIRONMENT_SPEC is ignored, too many minerals and gems created (Toady One)
0003109: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Squad renaming on load (Toady One)
0003542: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Segfault: Asked for nonexistent texture data (Baughn)
0000582: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] She likes to consume she. (Toady One)
0001498: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Crystal glass items can't be made, CRYSTAL_GLASSABLE appears broken (Toady One)
0004103: [Technical -- General] Command line client does not launch on OS X 10.7 Lion (READ FOR FIX) (Toady One)
0000111: [World Generation -- Constructions] Worldgenned roads blocked (Toady One)
       0000687: [World Generation -- Constructions] Bridges on world gen roads connect strangely (Toady One)
0001732: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] "Prepared meals" not listed at trade depot except in "all" (lethosor)
0001287: [Technical -- General] Possible to bind k to 'leave screen' (Toady One)
0000927: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View] Unit job title overlaps unit job. (Toady One)
0004623: [Undeath] <dwarven baby ghost name> has grown to become a Ghostly Dwarven Child (Toady One)
0001284: [Adventure Mode -- Town] Some shops have their cash for sale (Toady One)
0002171: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Text] Text in inventory screen overlaps with map panel. (Toady One)
0000344: [Combat -- General] Knockback/"propelled away by the force of the blow" only happens rarely (same with throwing creatures any distance) (Toady One)
0003239: [Adventure Mode -- Crime] Nameless NPCs don't care if you kill them (Toady One)
0001544: [Undeath] Skeletal cyclops described as very muscular, narrow ears, etc (Toady One)
0002796: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military] Soldiers often cannot follow their orders. (Toady One)
0001311: [World Generation -- General] World has caverns but one of the several dwarven civs doesn't have access to seeds/plants/drinks (Toady One)
0004983: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] Crash occurs when Forgotten Beast cannot path into fort (Toady One)
0004706: [Adventure Mode -- Buildings] Buildings appear to be incorrectly placed. (Toady One)
0001645: [Legends Mode -- Historical Figures] All events in adventure mode occur in early spring (Toady One)
0004046: [Civilizations/Entities -- Populations] All/Most intelligent creatures are dead. (Toady One)
0001852: [Undeath] [SPOILERS] HFS creatures rot away, so I don't have to do anything (Toady One)
0001373: [World Generation -- General] Kobolds almost never generated on Island regions (Toady One)
0002750: [Technical -- Rendering] Crash when zooming in Windowed mode (TrueType related) (Baughn)
0004207: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Inescapable, inevitable, intolerable lag (Toady One)
0003690: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] While traveling player is teleported into holes/dry murky pools due to ambushes (Toady One)
0004405: [Undeath] Ghosts can die of old age and dwarves who die of old age evidently cannot become ghosts. (Toady One)
       0004422: [Undeath] Historical Undeads can die of old age (Toady One)
0001899: [Technical -- General] Game locks up for 30 min during seasonal temperature shift (Toady One)
0003762: [TrueType] Crash on moving (k) cursor over certain spatters with TrueType (long names?) (Baughn)
0003339: [Civilizations/Entities -- General] Queen of the elves is a man. (Toady One)
0003149: [Creatures] Randomized creatures with "beware its webs" don't actually have webs (Toady One)
0004493: [World Generation -- General] Turtles only appear in island worlds (Toady One)
0003355: [Creatures] [FIREBREATH]-Attacks have no effect on enemy creature (Toady One)
0002529: [Animal Populations] Repeatedly visiting town/site causes animals to accumulate (Toady One)
0004343: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View] Unnamed notable creatures are displayed weird in unit view kill list (Toady One)
0003713: [TrueType] DF crashes when attempting to use Aimed attacks when using truetype display in Linux (Baughn)
0000974: [Legends Mode -- General] Worldgen civs create LOTS of bridges, filling up half of the total worldgen events for a civ entry. (Toady One)
0003272: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Profiles] Birth month of child incorrectly displayed. (Toady One)
0004625: [Creatures] Casteless creatures report tissue colors as amber (Toady One)
0004449: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpiles] Iron missing from material options for weapon stockpiles (Toady One)
0004334: [World Generation -- General] No hunters of great beasts in worldgen despite BEAST_HUNTER tag (Toady One)
0004769: [Items] A stack's weight doesn't decrease when items are removed (Toady One)
0004083: [Civilizations/Entities -- Populations] Other races migrate to major sites, but are not there in adventure mode (Toady One)
0003246: [TrueType] TrueType: Some dwarves' names are cut off at diacritics, other diacritics are turned into blocks (Baughn)
       0003664: [TrueType] Crash when using Truetype and choosing Fortress/Group Name. (Baughn)
53 issues View Issues
0003106: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Marksdwarves cannot equip ammunition stored in bins (Toady One)
0002630: [Adventure Mode -- Reactions] Adventure mode reactions ignore material reaction product requirements for reagents. (Toady One)
0004357: [Technical -- General] Embark instant crash (modded) (Toady One)
0004368: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Fortress crashes in mid spring, second year (Toady One)
0004361: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Dwarves with old injuries returned to rest in hospital with no scheduled treatment (Toady One)
0004358: [World Generation -- General] Many civilisations will crash worldgen (Toady One)
0004362: [Creatures] 0004348 also applies to cave dragons (Toady One)
7 issues View Issues
0004169: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] In kiln clay crafts and statues set to 's' key (Toady One)
0004347: [Creatures] Rodent men don't use their new teeth to bite. (Toady One)
0004348: [Creatures] Dragon and Hydra have natural skills that they can't use (Toady One)
0004117: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Game Crashes after leaving military screen if uniform containing gloves is assigned. (Toady One)
0004345: [Creatures] Giraffes have two body parts with ID "NECK" (from NECK and NECK_SPINE) (Toady One)
0004151: [Vegetation] Bamboo flickers because the ALT_PERIOD value isn't being defaulted properly (Toady One)
0004350: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Endless loop of evaluation and traction, no progress made on healing. (Toady One)
7 issues View Issues
0004342: [Typos/Grammar] Likes giant badgers for their . (Toady One)
0000657: [Adventure Mode -- Combat] Weapon skills don't increase when attacking prone (conscious) targets (Toady One)
0004314: [Creatures] RODENT MAN has no teeth (Toady One)
0004323: [Creatures] Penguins' wings are more properly termed "flippers" (Toady One)
0002259: [Creatures] Reptile Men do not have teeth (Toady One)
0004337: [Creatures] no penguin has the [MUNDANE] token. (Toady One)
0004318: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Fill pond job causes dwarves to fill a bucket with thousands of units of water, work slowly. (Toady One)
0004054: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Food stockpiles refuse to use barrels. (Toady One)
0004315: [Flows] Water causes deletion of ramps and stairs submerged inside (possibly due to grass) (Toady One)
0004087: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Dwarfs keep moving large stone pots into new stockpiles. (Toady One)
0004244: [Combat -- Target Selection] Goblin ambush squads target each other (Toady One)
0004325: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Sleeping] Dwarf knocked unconcious continues to remain unconcious-removes bed and he walks around for a bit before returning to bed to slp (Toady One)
0004321: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] NATURAL_SKILL no longer starts units at the specified skill level (Toady One)
0004326: [Creatures] Some 'Giant' creatures aren't very big at all. (Toady One)
0004327: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Hospital Stockpiling still broken (Toady One)
0004328: [Civilizations/Entities -- General] Rodent men not part of SUBTERRANEAN_ANIMAL_PEOPLES entity (Toady One)
0004319: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] stockpile setting interference between furniture and ammo (Toady One)
0004320: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Dwarves come to hospital to Rest without injuries (and also endless tooth surgery) (Toady One)
18 issues View Issues
0002015: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Fishing] Fishing in a river still reports no fish (Toady One)
0004134: [Typos/Grammar] New sound abilities have typo (Toady One)
0003071: [Material Properties] All hardcoded materials (glass etc) have uninitialized MAX_EDGE and ABSORPTION and crappy yield/fracture/strain values (Toady One)
0000157: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Stockpile settings "metal" category includes stones, gems, soil and other inorganics (Toady One)
       0000439: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Wood Blocks cannot be stockpiled (Toady One)
       0000583: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Cannot Use Stockpile Settings to isolate Rock Blocks (Toady One)
       0001149: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] dwarves ignore refuse pile settings for vermin corpses (Toady One)
       0002737: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpiles] Cloth stockpile settings lack option for metal clothing (Toady One)
       0001989: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] In stockpile settings, forbidding subcategories leaves some items highlighted (Toady One)
       0001704: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Toggle for "fresh raw hides" in refuse stockpile doesn't work (Toady One)
       0001464: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Dwarves fail to store ballista bolts in siege ammo stockpile. (Toady One)
       0000960: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpiles] in food-stockpile menu, sub-item of 'leaves' is rock nuts - should be quarry bush leaves (Toady One)
       0000254: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Food stockpiles accept trees/wood (Toady One)
             0000475: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Custom Food -> Plants stockpile has invisible item, because "plump helmet man tissue" uses creature name instead of plant name (Toady One)
       0000015: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] "Wood" section in stockpile settings includes all plants (Toady One)
0000681: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Legless/footless dwarfs are ignored by healthcare (Toady One)
0003080: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Surgeon cancels surgery: patient not resting (Toady One)
       0003755: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] If dwarf is not properly taken to hospital, dwarves with recover wounded will drag back to bed during surgery (Toady One)
0003651: [Undeath] Ghost appearing/disappearing causes a massive slowdown (Toady One)
0000194: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Hospital does not stock plaster powder, and doctors won't use stockpiled plaster to set bones (Toady One)
0003986: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Large pots can hold infinite amounts of food (prepared meals and plants) (Toady One)
0000459: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements: Message Spam] Webbed injured dwarf unable to rest and thus cannot be diagnosed/hospitalised (Toady One)
0001023: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] People picking up soap, getting "cancels Clean Self: Area inaccessible", then dropping it (Toady One)
0002627: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Dwarves cannot collect water for "Apply cast" job (Toady One)
0000668: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] Unbreached underground areas still generate certain announcements (Toady One)
0000650: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Crash at Health Care Screen (Toady One)
0002806: [Dwarf Mode -- Artifacts] Bone Artifacts Missing Decorations and Materials (Toady One)
0003555: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Escaping units with kill orders on them cause segmentation fault on Linux/Mac (Toady One)
0000191: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Hospital stores more materials than assigned. (Toady One)
0004165: [Adventure Mode -- Quests] Game crashes when I try to recieve a quest or report creature's death. (Toady One)
0001173: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Dwarves refuse to haul accessible items until they've hauled ones that are currently inaccessible (Toady One)
0004154: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Glass and porcelain pots, even ones that contain booze, don't show up in Trade Depot list (Toady One)
0004170: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cooking and Food] fine and lavish meals only use two ingrediants (Toady One)
0004050: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Plants stored in large glass pots are not used by jobs, and other irregularities with pots (Toady One)
       0004149: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Glass pots cannot be used for brewing/storing. (Toady One)
0000147: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Civilization/World Info] The Civilziation screen can spoil certain underground features (Toady One)
0004239: [Legends Mode -- Historical Figures] Nameless notable creatures produce ugly " , "" "-entries in historical-figures-list (Toady One)
0004221: [Adventure Mode -- Reactions] Adventure mode reactions no longer create quality items (Toady One)
0002412: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Designations] Crash when removing burrow (Toady One)
0000037: [Adventure Mode -- General] Underground area names are mangled in adventurer mode "adventurer log" screen (Toady One)
0001806: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Non-cancelled kill orders persist into newly generated world and fortress. (Toady One)
       0004099: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Missing dwarfs in squad screen (Toady One)
0000285: [Dwarf Mode -- Moods] Moody dwarves won't use magma forges (or magma glass furnaces), insist on non-magma ones (Toady One)
0000005: [Legends Mode -- Display] Underground region names display badly in Legends (Toady One)
0003939: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, General] Blank Health History (Toady One)
0000321: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Civilization/World Info] Unnamed civilizations displayed badly on civ detail screen: , "", <race> (Toady One)
0001428: [Technical -- General] Backup raws files (*.txt~, *.txt.bak) get parsed, causing mismatched IDs and crashes (Toady One)
0000419: [Combat -- General] Can attack creatures in melee across several Z levels (Toady One)
0002840: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Marksdwarves use wrong bolts when training (Toady One)
0000737: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Migrant hunters (with hunting labor enabled) haul their quiver to a stockpile and then pick up another one (Toady One)
0002972: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Can't select wooden/bone crossbows in uniform screen (Toady One)
51 issues View Issues
0004130: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Digging/mining (in soil?) causes crash on non-Windows systems (Toady One)
0004129: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Talking/conversation in Adv. Mode causes crash (Toady One)
2 issues View Issues
0001896: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Custom workshops get assigned (a) key by default (Toady One)
0003984: [Creatures] Open tag in creature_next_underground (Toady One)
0003997: [Material Properties] Egg yolk has wrong adjective in solid state, is called "egg white" (Toady One)
0003728: [Typos/Grammar] Verb forms of "bewitch" misspelled as "betwitch" (Toady One)
0004094: [Creatures] Typo in body_default - RODENT_TEETH missing closing brackets (Toady One)
0004096: [Creatures] Missing ] in Amphibian Man skin descriptor token (Toady One)
0003534: [Typos/Grammar] Mannerism typo, "...she he tells stories without any real point" (Toady One)
0003836: [Animal Populations] Cougars lack mountain biome indicated in their description (Toady One)
0003620: [Creatures] Typos/Grammar issues in Raccoon, Blind Cave Ogre, Bat Man and Giant Cave Spider descriptions (Toady One)
0000654: [Creatures] Phantom spider bites do nothing? (Toady One)
0002154: [Creatures] Raws for Deer are lacking a horn/antler tag (Toady One)
0001971: [Creatures] Some fish descriptions contradict their biomes (Toady One)
0001969: [Creatures] Bullheads' scales are all the same color (Toady One)
0000849: [Animal Populations] [minor spoilers] blind creatures in Adv. Mode don't fight back unless you wrestle them (Toady One)
0001143: [Creatures] BODY_HAIR_TISSUE_LAYERS doesn't apply the tissue layer to wings (Toady One)
0000116: [Typos/Grammar] typo in Soldier Preferences manual page (Toady One)
0000199: [Typos/Grammar] Manual still mentions "large expeditionary force" for reclaiming fortress (Toady One)
0003612: [Civilizations/Entities -- General] Banditry default leads to rampant dwarf/elf banditry (Toady One)
0001772: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit-Job Screen] Zooming from unit/job list can select other unit on same tile (Toady One)
0003959: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Penned Animals Get Fought Over For Shearing, Butchering, Etc. (Toady One)
0003982: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Outside Nest Boxes Claimed by Wild Animals (Toady One)
0003985: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Pets That Are Also [Grazer] Die Of Starvation (Toady One)
0003974: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Unable to place Nest Box (Toady One)
       0003983: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cooking and Food] Can't make mead -- job can't find honey when it's stockpiled? (Toady One)
0004034: [Geology] Metal is scarce (Toady One)
0004031: [Vegetation] Grass does not grow back. (Toady One)
0003957: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Normal grass can grow underground (Toady One)
0003428: [Adventure Mode -- Reactions] Adventure mode armor and clothing reactions product static size Large clothing (Toady One)
0000171: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] Dwarf cancels make <metal> bars (use ore): Needs "stones" (Toady One)
0000410: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Creatures get fought over by dwarves trying to milk and cage them (Toady One)
       0001797: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handling] Dwarves play tug of war with caged animals marked for slaughter (Toady One)
0002736: [Technical -- General] Download includes unnecessary Thumbs.db files (Toady One)
0003976: [Reactions] Masons/mechanics can make "stone" items from lumps of clay (Toady One)
0004018: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Grazing animals don't spread out in pasture zone, starve to death as a result (Toady One)
0002273: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stocks] Cave fish named as "angelshark" or "blue shark" in Stocks group name (Toady One)
       0003897: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stocks] Cave spider remains called whitetip reef shark in stocks screen. (Toady One)
       0004024: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stocks] Perch listed as Water Buffalo (Toady One)
0003977: [Vegetation] Grass tiles cause annoying flashing on ramps (Toady One)
0004004: [Creatures] Using LAYS_UNUSUAL_EGGS causes crash (Toady One)
0004093: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Sheep, once shorn, cannot be shorn a second time (Toady One)
0004044: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cooking and Food] Quern cannot grind rock nuts to paste if they are stockpiled (Toady One)
0004043: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Making soap from tallow fails if lye is stockpiled (Toady One)
0002248: [Creatures] Serpent Men can Kick (Toady One)
0003975: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Unable to use Large stone pots as barrels (Toady One)
0004045: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Screw press can't press if jug is in stockpile (Toady One)
0004056: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] Deconstructing nest box prevents hen from re-nesting (Toady One)
0004090: [Reactions] COVERED incorrectly applies glaze for some materials (Toady One)
0004048: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, Cages and Chains] Placing captured live rats in cage results in rat-splosion (Toady One)
0004037: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Item Improvements/Decorations] Ash glazing does not use up the ash (Toady One)
0004052: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stocks] "giant cave swallow egg" show as "great barracuda egg" in Stocks screen (Toady One)
0004069: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View] Dwarves with newly added professions (Shearer, Spinner, Glazer, Presser, etc) are misplaced in unit list (Toady One)
0004074: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Manager] No option to make Yarn Rope in Manager screen (Toady One)
0003999: [Dwarf Mode -- Artifacts] Artifact "glazed with gneissreindeer leather" (Toady One)
0004022: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Item Improvements/Decorations] Caravan brought wooden barrel glazed with sheep bone (Toady One)
0004007: [Items] Glazed weapons act as containers (Toady One)
0004021: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Bird claims multiple nest boxes but uses none (Toady One)
0003965: [World Generation -- Beasts] Megabeasts killed still living through world gen (Toady One)
0003960: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpiles] No ability to set stockpiles to deal with clay (Toady One)
0003988: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] No option for "wax" in crafts stockpile, wax amulets have no place to go (Toady One)
0003989: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cleaning] When wax cakes placed in stockpile, dwarves try to to clean them up (Toady One)
0003992: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Beehives give extreme wealth (Toady One)
0004011: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Alpaca Wool not treated as Wool (Toady One)
0003995: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Item Improvements/Decorations] Honeycombs get encrusted with jewels (Toady One)
0004008: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Animals] Penned Animals Interface Does Not Indicate If Animals Are Penned Elsewhere (Toady One)
0003980: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handling] Able to put Live Honey Bees in pasture (Toady One)
0004016: [Dwarf Mode -- Skills and Professions] Legendary Potter making sub-par earthenware statues but legendary crafts (Toady One)
0003996: [Civilizations/Entities -- Populations] world_sites_and_pops.txt lists all domestic animals at each site, even if the population is 0 (Toady One)
0004019: [Reactions] reaction_other.txt documentation for IMPROVEMENT does not mention BANDS (Toady One)
0003967: [Creatures] Rhinoceros horns are misaligned (Toady One)
0003970: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Workshop Profiles] Kiln uses same button for Clay collection and making jugs (Toady One)
0004001: [Undeath] Zombie hens claiming nests and laying "regular" eggs (Toady One)
0004015: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Smelting] the smelter does not have the melt metal object job (Toady One)
72 issues View Issues
0000462: [Adventure Mode -- Quests] CHAT_WORHY entity members may give duplicate quests (Toady One)
0000013: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Farm plots built underground (Inside/Dark/Subterranean) on natural soil will not allow planting (Toady One)
0001032: [Creatures] ALL primates have front and back legs (with accompanying feet), no arms or hands, yet have fingers, somewhere. (Toady One)
0003704: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stocks] Slabs appear twice in Stocks screen (Toady One)
0002203: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Embark only gives you one wagon puller animal (Toady One)
0003352: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Animal hair has no use (Toady One)
0000030: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] The site finder does not respect Aquifer: NO (Toady One)
0000027: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Standing Orders] Auto loom/weave thread not working. (Toady One)
0003375: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Site finder wastes a lot of time searching through sites after it's found a match (Toady One)
9 issues View Issues
0003558: [Adventure Mode -- Trade] Randomly resetting item ownership status in adventure mode. (Toady One)
0000587: [Arena] Temperatures effects are not working properly. (Toady One)
0002302: [Technical -- General] A Reproducible crash with save, (Toady One)
0003529: [World Generation -- Beasts] No normal historical beasts, and no non-mega beast rampages (Toady One)
0002255: [Adventure Mode -- General] Quest tasks remain even after quest giver is killed (Toady One)
0002877: [Dwarf Mode -- Skills and Professions] SKILL_RATES token does not handle none/0 values properly. (Toady One)
0000304: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment] Equipment assignments don't respect handedness (gauntlets) (Toady One)
0002274: [Combat -- General] Sieging "Goblin Blowgunner" carrying equipment of an elite bowman (Toady One)
0003615: [Dwarf Mode -- Traps] Enemy touches stone fall trap, game crashes (Toady One)
0003696: [Combat -- General] Friendly Fire with Ballista (Toady One)
0000812: [Civilizations/Entities -- General] Human civs lack STONE_PREF, only produce bronze items, have no anvils (Toady One)
0003602: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Adventure Mode Quest Carries Over Between Characters (Toady One)
0002341: [Adventure Mode -- General] Elite weapon user professions not race-corrected in some Adv. Mode menus (Toady One)
       0002934: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Text] Skilled marksdwarves are titled "Elite Crossbowman" rather than "Crossbowdwarf" (Toady One)
0002938: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Elite Crossbowman referred to as Wrestler (Toady One)
0002489: [Movies -- Recording] Movies will not record (Toady One)
0002694: [Items] Twohanded Weapon values are senseless (Toady One)
0003600: [Adventure Mode -- Buildings] Lair hatch covers wear away (Toady One)
0003590: [Typos/Grammar] Bad grammar in memorials with mentions of colors (Toady One)
0003556: [Adventure Mode -- Conversation] Bad grammar in quest speech (Toady One)
0003541: [Typos/Grammar] typo in Adventure Mode Key Bindings manual page (Toady One)
0003566: [Typos/Grammar] typo in Technical manual page (Toady One)
0003568: [Adventure Mode -- Travel] You can move off the edge of the map, and when you try to stop travelling, the game crashes (Toady One)
0003580: [World Generation -- General] Worldgen crashes in major mods (Toady One)
0003564: [Miscellaneous Crashes] 31.16 save crashes after a few minutes in 31.17 (Toady One)
0003554: [Dwarf Mode -- Traps] Game crashes when upright spike traps hit dwarves. (Toady One)
       0003576: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] Fortress mode game crash due to weapon traps (Toady One)
0003574: [Adventure Mode -- Town] Crash on entering town (Toady One)
0003569: [World Generation -- Constructions] Dark Fortresses are oddly names (Toady One)
0003538: [Adventure Mode -- Character Creation] Crash when selecting empty skill list during character creation as human outsider (Toady One)
30 issues View Issues
0000519: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Liaison doesn't offer baron/count/duke options unless meeting occurs after caravan leaves (Toady One)
0000504: [Adventure Mode -- Character Creation] Adventurer attributes start too high (Toady One)
0001060: [Combat -- General] Toes, fingers, ears, cheeks, etc. are not protected by armor. (Toady One)
0002095: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Adv. Mode alt-move sometimes requires multiple attempts to work (Toady One)
0000863: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Items that are tasked when fortress is abandoned are still tasked (invisibly) on reclaim, and other reclaim oddities (Toady One)
       0000830: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Reclaim: dwarves don't bury dead from the original fort, old coffins emptied (Toady One)
0000012: [Combat -- Wrestling] No text/announcement for joint/limb breaks during wrestling (Toady One)
0003332: [Adventure Mode -- Inventory] Humans in Farming houses are naked (Toady One)
8 issues View Issues
0000845: [Dwarf Mode -- Moods] Fey mood dwarf desires "body parts," meaning bones, shell, leather, etc. (Toady One)
0003365: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Main View] Game display delays(not pauses) for a short period every second or so (Toady One)
0000095: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Refuse stockpile settings missing bones, shells (Toady One)
3 issues View Issues
0000405: [Creatures] ambiguity with strangler's eyes (Toady One)
0000424: [Typos/Grammar] Gypsum Reaction Information is Incorrect. (Toady One)
0000436: [Creatures] Voracious Cave Crawler don't move or attack (Toady One)
0000573: [Combat -- General] The "contact area" for the pommel strike of the short sword is 1000, whereas every other sword is 100. (Toady One)
0000768: [Technical -- General] In world_gen.txt [CAVE_MIN_SIZE:#] is repeated. (Toady One)
0000946: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Incorrect Quarry Bush Leaf tile/color entry (Toady One)
0001390: [Creatures] Discrepancy between Crundle description and body plan (Toady One)
0001555: [Creatures] Giant desert scorpion doesn't use the chitin body detail plans (Toady One)
0001702: [Creatures] Cave Swallow People description not matching body (Toady One)
0001770: [Creatures] Fire imp goo freezes even in magma (Toady One)
0001840: [Creatures] Elephant description says "When angered, it will attack with its long tusks" but tusk attack has ATTACK_PRIORITY:SECOND (Toady One)
0001923: [Creatures] Amethyst man produces wrong remains? (Toady One)
0001949: [Typos/Grammar] Command Line.txt Typo, no dwarfort.exe (Toady One)
0002124: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Profiles] Soap maker labor inconsistently named (Toady One)
0002190: [Typos/Grammar] Typo in Animals stockpile submenu option: "Empty Animals Traps" (Toady One)
0002339: [Typos/Grammar] Cyclops description typo (Toady One)
0002652: [Material Properties] Sterling silver has no bending values (Toady One)
0002671: [Creatures] Tigerman does not have ears (Toady One)
0002701: [Creatures] Olms do not have tails. (Toady One)
0002789: [Creatures] rhesus macaque lacks tail (Toady One)
0002810: [Creatures] Fire Snakes have [MUNDANE] token (Toady One)
0002863: [Typos/Grammar] Typo in "No civilizations available" world gen error (Toady One)
0002864: [Creatures] Stranglers have no gender specified. 50 year lifespan. (Toady One)
0002886: [Creatures] Grimeling has extra tags (Toady One)
0002902: [Typos/Grammar] Chincilla should be Chinchilla. (Toady One)
0002944: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Soap maker's workshop has no impassable tiles (Toady One)
0003174: [Creatures] Antmen reach max age before adulthood (Toady One)
0003242: [Init Options] Bad URL in init.txt for tilesets (Toady One)
0003299: [Animal Populations] Blind cave bears have front toes on both front and rear feet (Toady One)
0001499: [Animal Populations] Some new underground creatures do not spawn (Toady One)
0003078: [Creatures] Tigermen have no ribcages (Toady One)
0001280: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Withered plants don't disappear, due to plant material lacking ROTS (Toady One)
0002628: [Technical -- General] curses_800x600.png is stretched to double height (Toady One)
0003337: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] Goblins don't show up (Toady One)
0003245: [Creatures] Magma crabs drown in magma (Toady One)
35 issues View Issues
0003241: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] Two humans arrived in second immigration wave (Toady One)
       0003292: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] baby immigrated -- no parentage (Toady One)
0003230: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Hard to find places to embark due to civ sprawl (Toady One)
0003266: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Can't mine Adamantine (Toady One)
0003258: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] "war Peasant" migrant with missing labor screen (Toady One)
0003187: [Technical -- Rendering] Crash when using 2D or 2DASYNC print modes and zooming out all the way (Toady One)
0003254: [Dwarf Mode -- Immigration] A migrant with the profesion "drunk". (Toady One)
7 issues View Issues
0003089: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Human caravan sending diplomat instead of merchant noble (Toady One)
0001119: [Dwarf Mode -- Flows] When Designating a Zone through Flow or Floor Flow, crashes when attempting to cancel using ESC key. (Toady One)
       0001461: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, General] Crash when creating activity zone (Toady One)
       0001678: [Dwarf Mode -- Rooms] Zone Placement Crash (Toady One)
0000596: [Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy] Humans' Diplomat is a demon, destroys all constructions it passes by, never initiates meeting (Toady One)
       0003086: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Traders with building destroyer get confused when getting close to the fortress, slow down incredibly (Toady One)
0000855: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Traders bring training weapons made of ludicrous materials (Toady One)
0001915: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] 'link a building to a trigger' or 'lever' list does not center on the selected building (Toady One)
0000823: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Manager] "Native" ores use METAL_TEMPLATE, can supposedly be used for "sharp blades" and studding (doesn't work) (Toady One)
       0003108: [Material Properties] Native metals/raw adamantine have default metal properties (Toady One)
       0000821: [Geology] Horn silver uses METAL_TEMPLATE (Toady One)
       0001887: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Mayor mandates "Make raw adamantine items", impossible to fulfill (Toady One)
0000445: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Native silver + stone crafter -> large native silver (Toady One)
       0001379: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Traders brought me a -large native gold- . (Toady One)
0002817: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Making glass vials results in flasks of the wrong material (Toady One)
0000034: [Dwarf Mode -- Rooms] Assigned rooms not respected (Toady One)
       0001309: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Sleeping] Dormitories counted as own bedroom. (Toady One)
       0001992: [Dwarf Mode -- Rooms] Dwarves do not assign selves to empty bedrooms. (Toady One)
0000404: [Legends Mode -- History Export] Legends XML export produces malformed XML (Toady One)
0002151: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Mandate for "make native gold items" satisfied merely by mining out ore (Toady One)
0000352: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] Soldier cancels rest, interrupted by troglodyte who's nowhere close (Toady One)
       0001061: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Injured soldier dwarves interrupted from resting are never able to be treated until interrupting critters killed (Toady One)
       0001639: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Being enraged spams log (Toady One)
       0000196: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Interrupted by x 10000 (Toady One)
       0000757: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] Resting interrupted by attacker across the map (Toady One)
       0000566: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] Dwarf Spams Rest Cancels On Seeing Creature Through Walls (Toady One)
0000256: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] "Make Rock Short Sword" results in wooden short sword (Toady One)
0002831: [Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy] Human/elf diplomat uses Mountainhomes dialogue (Toady One)
0001709: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] Spamming of rest cancellation (Toady One)
29 issues View Issues
0002804: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Save file that crashes in 15s-20s every time (Toady One)
0001102: [Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy] Liaisons/diplomats not replaced (Toady One)
0000125: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Crash when spawning dwarves in arena after playing Fortress Mode (Toady One)
0002798: [Technical -- Rendering] Crash when switching from Fullscreen to Windowed mode (Baughn)
4 issues View Issues
0000605: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] When relieved from a squad, dwarves do not resume civilian jobs, even when squad is deleted entirely (Toady One)
       0000284: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military] Military Training: Odd Behavior (Toady One)
       0000181: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Soldier gets stuck waiting for a demonstration. (Toady One)
       0001574: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Militia commander stuck in Go to training (Toady One)
0000182: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Dead dwarves remain in their squads (Toady One)
0000499: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Military Dwarves stuck in training (Toady One)
0002686: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Consistent crash on reclaim (Toady One)
0000803: [Dwarf Mode -- Skills and Professions] Civilian jobs don't use attributes, so civilians all get weak over time (Toady One)
0000093: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Flasks/waterskins/goblets made of wrong material (non-magma forges only?) (Toady One)
0000221: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Making leather waterskins actually produces no-material flasks (Toady One)
0000359: [Dwarf Mode -- Artifacts] Artifacts that use bone/shell turn into iron figurines (Toady One)
0002221: [Items] No-material flasks don't go in Finished Goods stockpiles (Toady One)
0002194: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Leather Work Shop Always Makes Flasks. (Toady One)
0002749: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Dwarves assign themselves forbiden ammo (Toady One)
0001728: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Military Refuses to Train (Toady One)
0000689: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment] All axes seized by military; unable to get an axe to a new woodcutter (Toady One)
0002335: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Squad equipment permanently unusable after disbanding squad (with save) (Toady One)
0002732: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Crash when using [PRINT_MODE:TEXT] (Baughn)
0001674: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment] Dwarves assigned the woodcutting labor won't pick up axes and start cutting (Toady One)
0002681: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Pri/Assignments broken (Toady One)
0002644: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Manager] Reaction jobs created via manager keep getting re-issued after completion (Toady One)
0000706: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Squad Control] Trying to access the squad screen mid-combat caused a complete game hang (Toady One)
       0002474: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Squad Control] Crash when calling the squad screen (Toady One)
0000206: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] turtle shell crafts not producing (Toady One)
0002214: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] Wrong pronoun use in combat logs (Toady One)
       0000850: [Typos/Grammar] Arena combat report refers to viewed creature as "you" (Toady One)
       0002612: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] "You have been engulfed in flames" Message (Toady One)
0002721: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment] Melee soldiers in mixed squad try to equip bolts, spam "cancels Pickup Equipment: Equipment mismatch" (Toady One)
0002685: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment] After assigning ammo, squad spams "cancels Pickup Equipment: Equipment mismatch" (Toady One)
0000119: [Typos/Grammar] typo in Command Squads manual page (Toady One)
0000077: [Typos/Grammar] typo in Creating Rooms manual page (Toady One)
0002216: [Animal Populations] Two incidents of Cluster_number on Bluefin Tuna (Toady One)
0002242: [Creatures] Several creatures have duplicate [NATURAL] tags (Toady One)
0002526: [Creatures] Giant earthworm not so giant (Toady One)
0002705: [Creatures] Neither buzzard nor vulture is tagged with [MUNDANE] (Toady One)
0002350: [Typos/Grammar] Small typo in description for deer (Toady One)
0000531: [Creatures] Muskox hair has "skin" for its TLCM_NOUN (Toady One)
0001827: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] On military ammo screen, going from "add new item" to "Material" produces crash (Toady One)
0001617: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military] Certain dwarves will never train (Toady One)
0002616: [Technical -- Sound] Initializing OpenAL failed, no sound will be played (bundled libsndfile.so doesn't work, system libsndfile does) (Baughn)
0002620: [Init Options] Windowed-mode size in init ignored by F11 (Baughn)
0000323: [Dwarf Mode -- Skills and Professions] Teacher skill not rising (Toady One)
0000544: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military] Dwarves only do "individual combat drills", never sparring or demonstrations (Toady One)
0001614: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] No training in barracks (Toady One)
0000648: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] militarydwarves holding many sets of weapons, shields (Toady One)
0001687: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Deleting "individual choice, melee" fails to unassign weapons (Toady One)
0000337: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] crash when squads taken off Station (Toady One)
47 issues View Issues
0000028: [Technical -- General] Scrolling keys lock up! (Baughn)
0002617: [Miscellaneous Crashes] Segfault on quit (Toady One)
0002613: [Adventure Mode -- Inventory] (r)emoving clothing duplicates it, crashes after 3rd attempt (Toady One)
0002614: [Dwarf Mode -- Pets] War animals attack traders at depot (Toady One)
0002490: [Technical -- Rendering] Game freezes when switching from fullscreen to windowed mode (Baughn)
5 issues View Issues
0000149: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military] When ordered to attack, squads can get distracted chasing harmless animals (Toady One)
0000721: [Adventure Mode -- Combat] Mortal wounds frequently don't kill, hearts/throats barely bleed, disembowelment rare (Toady One)
0000451: [Reactions] Reactions screen product list duplicates the last reagent (Toady One)
0000361: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Cannot get dwarves to use crossbows properly (Toady One)
0000692: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Extended Combat with Zombie Giant Eagle (Toady One)
0000076: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hunting] Hunters not hunting (Toady One)
0002146: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] once assigned ammunition does not clear on delete assignment (Toady One)
0000625: [Creatures] Flesh Balls (Toady One)
0000332: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] Raw files parsed in strict alphabetic order in Linux but not Windows, causing ID mismatches for saves moved between systems (Toady One)
0001110: [Items] impact yield and impact fracture the same for all metals, unbalances combat (Toady One)
0000262: [Reactions] Render Fat job not in menu at kitchen, works in manager (Toady One)
       0000372: [Reactions] Soap maker workshop does not have the "make soap" option; via manager works OK (Toady One)
0000084: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Individual choice ranged/melee apparently ignores whether weapon is ranged or melee (Toady One)
0000723: [Adventure Mode -- Combat] Projectiles that stick-in bleed until removed, and bleed forever if they stick in cheeks, fingers, etc., with no kill credit (Toady One)
0002074: [Combat -- General] Combat text reports bones as "shattered" or "bruised" much more often than "fractured" (Toady One)
0002238: [General] Full screen mode on PPC Mac is a shade of yellow, except where green normally. - OSX (Baughn)
0001200: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] All custom workshops turn into "Custom Workshop" if they're constructed before saving game (Toady One)
0000639: [Geology] Some impact elasticity values are clearly wrong (Toady One)
0001009: [Items] Empty bags are too heavy -- cloth bags weigh 30 kg, silk 10 kg (Toady One)
0000297: [Items] Bronze shields, gauntlets and boots weigh less than 1 kilogram (Toady One)
       0001386: [Items] High boots weigh about 1/33 as much as low boots. (Toady One)
0002485: [Init Options] [MACRO_MS:#] Does not appear to introduce any delay between macro instructions (Baughn)
22 issues View Issues
0002157: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, General] *PAUSED* indicator does not always disappear when game is running, and other display artifacts (Baughn)
0002379: [Typos/Grammar] Changelog in "file changes.txt" lists the changes for 31.07 under a second "auxiliary file changes for 0.31.06" (Toady One)
0002378: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Crash on viewing anything using K then enter (Toady One)
0002380: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Escape to options menu overrides escaping out of embark warning (Toady One)
4 issues View Issues
0000008: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] Dwarves voluntarily work until hungry/thirsty/starving/dehydrated, get bad thoughts, can even die (and make low-quality stuff) (Toady One)
       0001257: [Dwarf Mode -- Idle Behavior] Dwarves try to 'complete' Attend Party and refuse to eat, drink, or sleep (Toady One)
0000319: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Militia commander/captain positions are assignable on the nobles screen, but silently change back (Toady One)
       0001296: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Expedition leader assigned as the militia commander mysteriously unappoints himself (Toady One)
0001319: [Pathfinding] Pathfinding problems after lowest cavern layer is breached (Toady One)
0000351: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Injured dwarf dies of thirst despite many idle healthcare workers and available water/buckets/etc (Toady One)
0002312: [Miscellaneous Crashes] game crashes whilst starting (Baughn)
0000318: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Surgery job never completes (Toady One)
0000275: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] After queuing silk item at clothier's shop, "Make unknown material Crafts" at craftsdwarf's workshop (Toady One)
0000086: [Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles] "Take from stockpile" doesn't work, results in dwarves standing around looking confused (Toady One)
0001244: [Dwarf Mode -- Transport/Hauling] Place In Traction is not working (Toady One)
0000667: [Items] Creature gets attached to item, keeps bestowing new names upon it (Toady One)
       0000759: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] Invader announce weapon affinity (Toady One)
       0001476: [Items] sneaking invaders grow attached to their weapons (Toady One)
0000112: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Manager] Ordering a traction bench to be made through the manager doesn't show material types (Toady One)
0000020: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Embark] Can't use Esc to return to main menu from "Choose Fortress Location" and preparing for embark. (Toady One)
0000536: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military] Crash after unpausing - militia commander's squad info doesn't point back at squad (Toady One)
0002298: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] crash after trying to access squad members from a non assigne squad (Toady One)
0002329: [Technical -- General] display corruption with PRINT_MODE:TEXT when attempting display of epsilon character (Baughn)
0000378: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Crash when selecting specific squad in military screen (daggers) (Toady One)
0000394: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment] Military dwarf stuck in Pickup Equipment loop (Toady One)
0000138: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Liquid prepared meals melt, kitchen gets cluttered with booze (Toady One)
       0000240: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Kitchen] Booze/drinks show up twice in kitchen screen (Toady One)
0002271: [Dwarf Mode -- Artifacts] Screen can be resized to 200+ tiles wide, causing crashes on some menus (Baughn)
       0002215: [Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences] Viewing a dwarf's Thoughts and Preferences causes a crash when viewed with the window maximized (Toady One)
0000831: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Manager] Kidnap shows up as a job in the job manager window (Toady One)
0000393: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General] OVERWROTE JOB: Kidnap BY Clean Self (Toady One)
       0001012: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Childcare] kidnap by clean self (Toady One)
0000973: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements] OVERWROTE JOB: Pickup Equipment BY Rest (Toady One)
29 issues View Issues
0001367: [Dwarf Mode -- Abandonment of Fort] Game crashes on save/abandon (Toady One)
0000827: [Technical -- Saving/Loading] Crash on save or abandonment of Fortress (Toady One)
0000325: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Elves bring hundreds/thousands of items when trading, due to warthogs lacking TRADE_CAPACITY tag (Toady One)
       0000433: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Elves bring massive caravan and cause game crash (Toady One)
       0001195: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Merchants don't have time to trade (Toady One)
0002167: [Technical -- General] Hard lockup on window resize (Baughn)
0002156: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, General] Artifacts in border/divider column in Fortress Mode main display after opening menus (Toady One)
0000945: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Temperature Settings in world gen behaving strangely (Toady One)
0000126: [General] Stock screen crash when "glob" is viewed (Toady One)
0001579: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, Machines] Obsidian has two melting points, ambigious magma-safeness (Toady One)
0002084: [Technical -- General] ESC on keybindings sub-screen leaves keybinding without saving changes to disk (Baughn)
0002155: [Legends Mode -- Map Export] Exporting map/image from world generation/legends results in crash (Baughn)
0002072: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, General] Hitting two keys in quick succession can result in wrong menu being opened (Baughn)
0000501: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Military dwarfs drop equipment because traders have better (Toady One)
       0001526: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Arsenal dwarf assigning caravan guard armor to soldiers (Toady One)
       0001290: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Soldiers trying to wear equipment already being worn by invading goblins (Toady One)
0001137: [Pathfinding] 0000070, negative distance to building materials, still occurs on 0.31.03 (Toady One)
       0001186: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Building Construction and Destruction] Negative distance to building materials (Toady One)
0000702: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Military dwarf is assigned wrong size ("large") armor (Toady One)
0000074: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] Zones not getting cleaned up after removal (persist after save/load too) (Toady One)
       0001652: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] Setting an animal to a pit then deleting the zone did not remove the job (Toady One)
0000807: [Technical -- General] Fullscreen doesn't work with non-graphic tilesets, switch mode failed (0.31.02) (Toady One)
0000516: [Creatures] Hydra body has NECK in addition to 7HEADNECKS, giving them two necks per head (Toady One)
0002082: [Title Screen] Dwarf Fortress Application Has Default Icon (Toady One)
0000774: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military] if a new weapon of a type used by a training squad is crafted, all sqaud members drop thier weapons (Toady One)
0001289: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Dwarves given their choice of weapons will choose ones too big to use (Toady One)
0001315: [Creatures] Duplicated tags in careature_standard (Toady One)
0001828: [General] Crash when doctor cleans patient with almost-depleted bar of soap (size goes negative?) (Toady One)
0001413: [Dwarf Mode -- Moods] Post - Artifact Ex Soldier Dwarf Does Nothing (Toady One)
0001930: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Farm Plots] Selected crop doesn't auto-adjust when changing season, resulting in crash (Toady One)
0001705: [Dwarf Mode -- Trade] Elven merchants came, will not leave. (Toady One)
0001450: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Dwarves will not harvest bushes or cut trees after a period of time. (Toady One)
0001731: [Dwarf Mode -- Moods] Military dwarf successfully completes mood; won't perform civilian tasks when unassigned from military (Toady One)
0001248: [Typos/Grammar] Fiery is misspelled "firey" in language files (Toady One)
0000744: [Dwarf Mode -- Combat] Wolf bite unable to penetrate silk clothing, due to teeth being only as hard as skin (Toady One)
0002035: [Creatures] Worm has duplicate [NATURAL] tag. (Toady One)
0002037: [Creatures] Donkey creature file has duplicate [CHILD:1] tags (Toady One)
0002038: [Creatures] Monarch Butterfly creature file has duplicate tags (Toady One)
0002040: [Creatures] Some ocean creatures have duplicate [NO_SLEEP] tags (Toady One)
39 issues View Issues
0002121: [Technical -- General] Screen flicker when switching menus. (Baughn)
0001913: [General] Resizing produces blank screen during setup (Baughn)
0000017: [Technical -- General] Embark starts with no expedition leader, resulting in missing labors and blank nobles screen (Toady One)
0002032: [Technical -- General] Resize of window leads to black screen (Baughn)
0001926: [Technical -- Rendering] Playing intro movies prevents screen resizing in OSX (Baughn)
       0002055: [Technical -- Rendering] Linux version won't show more than 25 rows (Baughn)
0001545: [Technical -- General] Mousepointer discrepancy with display (Baughn)
0000141: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] After death of expedition leader or mayor (any noble), positions disappear from nobles screen and can't be appointed or replaced (Toady One)
       0000411: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Injury of mayor removes position from noble screen (Toady One)
0001038: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Former Mayor running around babbling results in mayor dissapearing from noble screen, inability to replace other nobles (Toady One)
0000355: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Previous Mayor doesn't lose title when new one is Elected. (Toady One)
       0000814: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Old mayors do not stop issuing mandates. Not listed in nobles screen. (Toady One)
       0000312: [Dwarf Mode -- Nobles] Two (or more) mayors at the same time (Toady One)
0000190: [Dwarf Mode -- Environment] Adventurers and dwarves melt in rain/water (Toady One)
0000735: [Technical -- General] Loading game immed. after generating new world results in invalid ID numbers (Toady One)
0000302: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cleaning] Domestic animals (cats/dogs/cows/etc) spamming "Cancels Clean Self: Area Inaccessable" (Toady One)
       0001919: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cleaning] [Animal] Cancels Clean Self: Unconscious (Toady One)
0002128: [World Generation -- Parameters] Custom Worlds freeze on worldgen (Toady One)
0000097: [Technical -- General] trying to bind a key to ESC leaves key-assignment screen without changing the key (Baughn)
0001907: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Site finder only advances on key press (or mouse click) (Toady One)
0001911: [Technical -- General] "GPU unable to accomodate texture catalog" crash when graphics enabled (Baughn)
0001920: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stocks] Stocks screen hangs on "stone" and then skips to next category (Baughn)
       0001996: [Technical -- General] Key Presses twice on embark screen and in fortress inventory (Baughn)
       0001990: [Legends Mode -- General] Key presses register twice when filtering many historical figures in Legends (Baughn)
       0001939: [General] Double execution of recorded macros (Baughn)
0000179: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements: Message Spam] Wounded baby spams "cancels clean self: too insane." (Toady One)
0002024: [World Generation -- General] Slow down during offloading units. (Baughn)
0001046: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Smelting] Melting item produces hard crash. (Toady One)
0001916: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Text] FPS Display is slightly off center to the right (Baughn)
0001925: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Crash when creating a squad - uniform selection, Linux only (Toady One)
30 issues View Issues
0001062: [Title Screen] Blank screen, but sound (Baughn)
0001454: [Technical -- General] Holding shift when navigating (to navigate faster) is sticky (Toady One)
0000764: [Technical -- General] Minimizing in windowed mode causes entire window to be blacked out (Baughn)
0001136: [Technical -- General] No mouse in Music and Sound screen when fullscreen. (Baughn)
0001628: [Init Options] [MOUSE:NO] fails (Toady One)
0000366: [Technical -- General] Game zooms in after minimize from fullscreen (Baughn)
0000416: [Weather] Rain kills everything it lands on (Toady One)
0000161: [General] Vermin corpses/remains do not decay/rot (Toady One)
0000289: [Dwarf Mode -- Flows] *Qurik* Heat from magma cooks wet creatures up to two tiles away) (Toady One)
0000704: [Adventure Mode -- Movement] Melting when swimming in ocean (Toady One)
0000002: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Crash when using site finder on large worlds (mem usage >2gb) (Toady One)
0000168: [General] Doctor repeatedly tries and fails to suture wounds that have already healed (Toady One)
       0000474: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Unable to bandage wound (Toady One)
0000232: [General] No fish to catch anywhere (Toady One)
0000022: [General] Vermin remains don't rot (Toady One)
15 issues View Issues
0001084: [Dwarf Mode -- Moods] Child making artifact, continues gathering materials forever! (Toady One)
0000551: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] Removing (shift-x) the last meeting zone can cause a crash. (Toady One)
0000691: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] Crash when deleting zone. (Toady One)
0000268: [Dwarf Mode -- Rooms] Crash after removing hospital zone (Toady One)
0000029: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Run-time when trying to access Pri/Assignments in Military Equipment screen. (Toady One)
0000288: [Dwarf Mode -- Rooms] Crash when removing hospital zones with beds (Toady One)
0000035: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Military schedule screen crashes when copy-pasting orders (Toady One)
0000550: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] Crash after deleting a hospital zone with X (Toady One)
0000148: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Crash on military screen setting training size (Toady One)
0001033: [Typos/Grammar] The descriptions for Minotaurs says his/her Left eye is _____, should be eyes. (Toady One)
0000805: [General] 0.31.02 "release notes.txt" lists two changes in the wrong versions (Toady One)
0000038: [Typos/Grammar] typo in mountain gnome description (Toady One)
0000043: [Typos/Grammar] typo in ocean sunfish description (Toady One)
0000049: [Typos/Grammar] typo in a certain underground creature's description (Toady One)
0000064: [Typos/Grammar] typo in harpy description (Toady One)
0000581: [Creatures] [BODY:ARMS_STANCE] has [STANCE] on the upper arms instead of the hands. (Toady One)
0000329: [Typos/Grammar] Typo in "when he is nervous" personality trait (Toady One)
0000120: [Typos/Grammar] Typo in Beak Dog description (Toady One)
0000156: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen] Schedule grid / inactive causes crash (Toady One)
0000018: [Pathfinding] Pathfinding fails to update after map changes (Toady One)
       0000070: [General] Negative distance for building materials (Toady One)
       0000103: [General] Dwarfs get stuck in buildings (Toady One)
22 issues View Issues
0000172: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handling] Animal traps catch animals, remain on map, but are now unusable. (Toady One)
0000024: [General] Alligators have hair! and other unintended attributes (please add here instead of cluttering) (Toady One)
0000047: [General] Quarry bush leaves not cookable. (Toady One)
0000058: [Typos/Grammar] typo in unicorn description (Toady One)
0000069: [General] Young mountain goats called horse foals? (Toady One)
0000080: [General] Artifact of old raws in horn silver entry (Toady One)
0000085: [General] Organ meats can't be cooked at kitchen (Toady One)
0000282: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcare] Produced Soap does not go into hospital or stockpile (Toady One)
0000454: [Creatures] Error with eyelids in [BODY_DETAIL_PLAN:STANDARD_HEAD_POSITIONS] (Toady One)
0000580: [Creatures] Cave swallow hatchlings are incorrectly labelled (Toady One)
0000729: [Technical -- General] Alt-tabbing during loading with graphics enabled causes tiles/letters/symbols to disappear/blank (Toady One)
       0000612: [Technical -- General] Game forgets tiles (Toady One)
       0000868: [Title Screen] Missing characters after title screen (Toady One)
0000686: [Technical -- General] Game Creashes when i select any option from the menu (Toady One)
0000031: [General] Giant gender confusion (Toady One)
0000406: [Dwarf Mode -- Rooms] Crash after removing barracks on weapon rack (Toady One)
0000502: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Can't cook seeds any more (Toady One)
0000004: [Typos/Grammar] typo in release notes (Toady One)
0000236: [General] DF crashes when large areas of zone are selected using the flow setting. (Toady One)
0000006: [General] GRAPHICS:ON causes runtime error (Toady One)
       0000042: [General] Graphics = YES causes crash when entering then leaving then entering arena mode (Toady One)
21 issues View Issues