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0012920Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2024-07-08 10:25
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Product Version50.11 
Summary0012920: Purchased items stay at the Trade Depot undefinitely after the merchants have left, UNLESS...
Description...a stockpile is present AT THE SAME LEVEL as the Trade Depot itself. Only then, will the purchased items that match that stockpile's type(s) of items be hauled out of the Trade Depot and to the aforesaid stockpile (and eventually, to stockpiles on different levels); provided, of course - and as long as - the stockpile on the same level as the Trade Depot has storage room available.

Additional InformationThe Trade Depot with purchased items stuck in it behaves like a quantum stockpile: it has unlimited storage room, and needed items will be picked up from it just normal.

WORKAROUND: The simplest and quickest way to force stuck items into stockpiles on other levels is by deconstructing the Trade Depot altogether and rebuilding it after all of those items have been hauled away.

NOTE: This is quite an old bug (Bay 12 forums have been showing reports about this since 2015 at least, so it's been a thing for nearly a decade by now).
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