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0012008Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Militarypublic2024-02-11 00:50
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Product Version50.02 
Summary0012008: Ammunition assignment bug

• Only the default archer uniform has ammunition assigned.

• Custom uniforms cannot have ammunition assigned and will not pick up ammo from stockpiles or bins and will not store ammo in barracks.

• If a squad is given a custom uniform then set to the default archer uniform afterward, they still won't be able to pick up ammo.

• If the default archer uniform is deleted, there will no longer be any way to make squads equip ammo.

Partial workaround:

• If you still have the default archer uniform, you can delete the squad and create a new squad that uses the default uniform. They should be able to use ammo.

How to reproduce bug:

• Create a squad and give them a custom uniform that uses crossbows.

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2022-12-20 11:50

manager   ~0041438
closed&locked in Discord


2023-01-14 14:49

viewer   ~0041695

Not sure what the above discord links refer to. So may be repeating info.
- Create your squad
- Create a custom uniform with a crossbow
- Delete the squad
- Create a new squad, select the custom uniform from the list
- Squad will now happily pick up bolts.


2023-01-16 08:00

viewer   ~0041702

Testing note


2024-02-11 00:50

reporter   ~0042033

Hi, I don't understand why those thread are closed or why this is in « minor » category. I can confirm that the bug is still occuring and break randomly a large part of the marksdwarves part of the military side of the game...which is not a minor point imho.

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