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0012673Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Visitorspublic2024-02-08 05:40
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Summary0012673: Thousands of Petitions Generated from Visitors
DescriptionVisitors petitioning my fort for residency are generating thousands of requests in a matter of minutes. From the moment the first petition is made, another one is made immediately after. This leads to thousands of petitions for the same thing in a matter of minutes. I'm not one to immediately click on the Petitions button with it pops up, so I'm currently dealing with thousands of these requests from one or two human visitors. I'm at a loss of what to do because clicking through and denying or accepting every petition is taking hours.
Steps To ReproduceI'm not sure how my world got into this state, so I don't have steps to recreate the situation where this will occur reliably. It started happening after I expelled a human from the fort after accepting their petition. All petitioning visitors since the expulsion generate thousands of requests. I'm not convinced those are the steps required to reproduce, but I can provide the game save(s) for the world, including the last 3 auto saves.
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2024-02-08 05:40

reporter   ~0042028

I've uploaded the world here:

I went back through a vod and pieced together some history on visitors/petitions:

 The issue started in Mid-Spring 150.

In Late Autumn Year 149 on the 22nd of Timber, the residency petition of Ini Futurebathes was approved. Upon observation that Ini's mood was the worst in the fort, they were expelled on the 19th of Moonstone, Early Winter 149. On the 7th of Granite, Early Spring 150, Cudal Tacticsprial petitioned for residency. Cudal was denied their request on the 10th of Slate Mid-Spring 150. 17th Slate Mid-Spring 150, Ina Spikewilt arrived and petitioned for residency and this is the point that the issue starts. Every petition after this moment generates hundreds of petitions.

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