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0012675Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Transport/Haulingpublic2024-02-09 02:48
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PlatformPCOSWindows 10OS Version22H2
Product Version50.11 
Summary0012675: Minecart continues to receive items after removal from route
DescriptionMinecarts seem to still be linked to the stockpile of a previous route after being removed from that route, regardless of whether they are in a furniture stockpile or attached to a new route. It's not perfectly consistent, but it's mostly reproducible.

Removing the route you no longer need seems to work around the problem. This can be an annoyance if you want to come back to the route later.
Steps To ReproduceCreate two minecart routes. Each one has a linked stockpile at stop 1, and dumping track stop at stop 2. Give the stockpiles different items, such as wood and finished goods, and set each route's desired items accordingly.

Create a furniture(minecart) stockpile.

Give one of the routes a minecart, and let it run briefly. When it is partially full, remove the minecart from the route. Observe that it contains items while in the furniture stockpile.

Assign the minecart to the other route. Observe that the items from the previous route are dumped along with desired items of this route. So far, so dwarfy.

Continue to observe the minecart. Dwarves will now load both types of items into the cart.

Temporarily set the route to immediately-always, so that the minecart is emptied. Remove the minecart from the route. Verify that the minecart contents. Keep an eye on the tasks list - note that existing "store item in vehicle" tasks are not canceled (also a bug?). You should see dwarves continue to load items into the cart, even while it is in the furniture stockpile. New "store item in vehicle" tasks begin to appear, though it may take some time, and will stop if the minecart becomes full.

So, is this some kind of cached data, or is it an active link to the routes? Remove the stockpile links from both routes. Your dwarves should dump the cart and stop interacting with it. Next, re-add the stockpile link for the other route (that is, the minecart is on one route, and the other route has a stockpile). The minecart should start receiving items from the wrong route again.
Additional InformationThe furniture stockpile doesn't seem to be strictly necessary to reproduce. However, there have been some occassions where I move the minecart between routes and fail to reproduce the bug.

Finally, a feature request: While I was troubleshooting this, I found myself doubting whether my route stops were where I thought they were. Some kind of visual feedback would be nice. For example, while the hauling routes screen is open, overlay each stop with its route number. Or, add a button to each stop that lets you center on and highlight it.


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