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0012676Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Abandonment of Fortpublic2024-02-09 16:33
ReporterVrilo Assigned To 
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Product Version50.11 
Summary0012676: I can't un-retire a fort without crashing.
DescriptionThis is my first time posting here so sorry for any errors.
This is for the steam version of the game.
"I accidentally flooded half of my fortress with seawater while attempting to build a fishing trap. My game was stuck in FPS hell, so I decided to retire the fortress for a while and come back later, hoping the water would drain over time. However, every time I tried to un-retire the fortress, the game would crash after the first return message. I thought that the ocean water might still be present and causing the issue, so I attempted to un-retire another fortress, but the game immediately kicked me out upon trying. At this point, my only theory is that the population of both sites is too high for my PC."
Steps To ReproduceFlood your fortress with the ocean while at 180+ dwarves?


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