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0012677Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2024-02-19 07:51
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Summary0012677: Enemies launched hard enough against windows teleport through them
DescriptionI have a large (enough) multi-stage building with exclusively glass sides and a pool of magma at the bottom. Given that it's in the shape of the DF icon, I figured I would take care of caged enemies by feeding them into the giant dwarf building's mouth, dropping them into magma, and to avoid issues I was having with mass pitting, I built a cage-emptying two-stage minecart shotgun. I noticed, however, that upon firing a mess of human undead, one of them had somehow managed to get inside the building, which shouldn't be possible. I quit the game, loaded it back up to a save from before the minecart was kicked, and then step by step I watched the cart again strike against the fortification, empty the cages, and then, when one particular human spearman corpse hit against a window, it caused all of the spearman's limbs to come off, but the spearman's body teleported to the other side of the green glass window it struck against and it proceeded to try chasing the dwarves in the temple inside before being put down by the fortress guard. The window was unharmed, and nothing at any time entered the tile containing the window; the gore stayed on one side of it while the rest of the zombie jumped instantaneously to the other side with no in-between, and the gore and teleportation appeared on the same turn.
Steps To ReproduceLaunching enemies from a cage fast enough to hit against the windows seems to push them through the windows even with a seamless wall of windows, but if it isn't fast enough, the enemies 'bounce off' and will not go through the windows. The spearman in this case went 15 horizontal tiles from the cage to the point where they hit the window, and 1 tile vertically from their starting position (so dropping from a height of 2 tiles total). The steel minecart containing the lead cage used descended nine z-levels. Track stop notwithstanding, the only horizontal track tiles were one at the top of the track and one at the bottom to allow horizontal movement of cages. The tracks are entirely unpowered.
Additional InformationI have DFhack 50.11-r5 running, but nothing which would modify the behavior of an undead human spearman or the behavior of windows.
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2024-02-09 21:41

reporter   ~0042031

Last edited: 2024-02-10 11:49

Additionally I just found all its exploded-off limbs somehow fell through the magma, entirely untouched, into the (giant skull-shaped) crypt dug out below the actual magma lake. They aren't burning or otherwise temperature-affected, they seem to have teleported straight through. They are all accounted for, and there's no hole in the floor or reason this should have happened. There's another human (as it happens another human spearman) zombie in the tile where the human would have fallen if they had simply hit the window and fallen, if that makes a difference.


2024-02-09 21:51

reporter   ~0042032

Reloaded the save where the teleportation had just happened and the parts teleported through the magma again to the crypt floor below, No other creature underneath them this time (or the first time). they just clip right through the floor, though they do pass through the magma layer and stay there for several turns first.


2024-02-12 09:19

reporter   ~0042034

After some testing I've determined that it always involves figures who have lost limbs during a fall. This also explains how a random arm bone appeared in the crypt before this, in the right spot to teleport through the floor, alongside its very much not-fried counterpart; this was before the current setup and came from mass pitting, though I had thought it must have escaped and gone down the stairs for reasons unknown to me (it's plausible with pathfinding). In hindsight this fits all the conditions of the teleportation; in each case, the teleporting enemy has lost limbs in flight or landing, possibly in that turn. This neatly explains the high rate of non-intelligent undead who are already very badly rotten gaining teleportation as opposed to intelligent undead (for various reasons, primarily this being the year 2004 on a small map with a tomb civilization, there are many intelligent undead), and the high rate of capturing and launching humans means more chances to lose limbs mid-flight. Of interest, at one point I tried to correct an undead human who had just teleported through a window back into magma and that human *teleported back into the room to threaten dwarves again.*

In any case, if it did happen earlier than the minecart shotgun setup, and it looks very much like it did, this rules out the issue being based on minecarts, cages, etc. Something about limb loss in flight seems to be making this possible. It's also only ever one tile, that is, there is nothing beneath the crypt level for them to teleport into for many z-levels and the area is unmined; possibly related to cave-in mechanics checking underneath tiles?? In any case the fix is very simple, I'll just move training soldiers over to that side of the windows so they have something to practice on.

Before I forget, I did recall that I used stripcaged on the caged undead to avoid hassle. I'm not sure how or if that would play into it at all but I'll make a note of it now that I have no more undead from that siege left to test with.


2024-02-14 06:02

reporter   ~0042035

Seems related to 0005996.


2024-02-19 07:51

reporter   ~0042045

Talked to Blind and apparently collision issues after losing limbs in flight is a known issue, it was immediately familiar. I haven't had trouble with minecarts in quite that way, but, both seem to be collision-related. To the extent that this is already known, this issue can be closed

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