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0012793Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2024-07-07 06:20
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Product Version50.11 
Summary0012793: After "..treasure of gods" message, artifact keeps spawning at the same tile
DescriptionWhile exploring a underground road, i got "..treasure of the gods" message and found pock-marked metal axe. I took it and went further, when lava pool stopped me. I turned back and got new "..treasure of the gods" message". New pock-marked metal axe was at the same spot as earlier but it has different name.
Steps To Reproduce1. Get "..treasure of the gods" message
2. Find and take an artifact
3. Move some distance away
4. Come back and get new "..treasure of the gods" message
5. Take the second artifact
6. Repeat as many times as you desire
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2024-07-07 06:17

reporter   ~0042273

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I also found this bug in my game.
DF Version: v51.01-beta18, World generated in same version
Steps to reproduce are the same
I got a large pale metal cloak, every new spawn has a unique name but is otherwise identical
Have DF Hack (51.01-beta git: 453ab76) installed and enabled with default settings but haven't used it in adventure mod on this world, only in fortress mode so i de not believe this is affecting the bug.

Here is a link to the save

Character already has a couple of duplicates in his inventory

Similar bug 0010923

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