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0012891Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2024-06-04 16:48
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Product Version50.11 
Summary0012891: Animal people and giant animals have unintended products (milk, venom)
DescriptionEXTRACT and VERMIN_BITE are not being removed from animal people and giant creatures, and MILKABLE is not being removed from animal people.

EXTRACT is used to define a material obtained from small animal (vermin) dissection, but when a vermin is converted into a giant creature or animal person the token is not removed, though the new creatures are no longer vermin. The same applies for VERMIN_BITE.

Likewise, MILKABLE does not work for intelligent creatures, but the animal person variations do not remove this token. This can result in dwarves having food preferences for these unobtainable materials.
Additional InformationThese issues can be resolved by adding the following tokens to the ANIMAL_PERSON and ANIMAL_PERSON_LEGLESS creature variations:

and adding the following tokens to the GIANT creature variation:
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