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0012895Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Reclaimpublic2024-06-16 06:08
ReporterMilhomem Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformSteamOSWindows and LinuxOS VersionWin11 / Steam OS
Product Version50.11 
Summary0012895: Forts created on Steam Deck can't be reclaimed on windows
DescriptionI started play this game when was released on Steam. After 6 months of playing on the same world, I need to do a 1 month travel. I retired my fortress, copied the save and past it on my brand new steam deck. There, I played for a month and a half and, when I came back, I copied the steam deck save and past it on PC again. Then I kept playing on PC for more 6 months. During that time, I created a lot of forts (always on the same world. Now, when I try to unretire any forts created during the Steam Deck time, the game closes and the crash log shows the following message:

0> Dwarf_Fortress!std::_Init_locks::operator=+0x810A76
1> Dwarf_Fortress!std::_Init_locks::operator=+0x810BE9
2> KERNELBASE!UnhandledExceptionFilter+0x1EC
3> ntdll!RtlCopyMemory+0x2BBD
4> ntdll!_C_specific_handler+0x97
5> ntdll!_chkstk+0x12F
6> ntdll!RtlFindCharInUnicodeString+0xA96
7> ntdll!KiUserExceptionDispatcher+0x2E
8> Dwarf_Fortress!std::_Init_locks::operator=+0xFF8F1D
9> Dwarf_Fortress!std::_Init_locks::operator=+0xFD2F05
10> Dwarf_Fortress!std::_Init_locks::operator=+0xA6D7BB
11> Dwarf_Fortress!std::_Init_locks::operator=+0xA53758
12> Dwarf_Fortress!std::_Init_locks::operator=+0x61816B
13> overlay_plug+0x87CE
14> Dwarf_Fortress!std::_Init_locks::operator=+0x918B25
15> Dwarf_Fortress!std::_Init_locks::operator=+0x643894
16> Dwarf_Fortress!std::_Init_locks::operator=+0x644C49
17> SDL2!SDL_DYNAPI_entry+0x799D7
18> SDL2!SDL_DYNAPI_entry+0x12EEDE
19> ucrtbase!recalloc+0xA3
20> KERNEL32!BaseThreadInitThunk+0x1D
21> ntdll!RtlUserThreadStart+0x28

I checked if maybe the saves when I played on that fort were there and everything is there.
Steps To Reproduce1- Download the save file.
2- Click on Start a new fort
3- Choose Bride of Stone or Bride of Sand forts
4- Click on on the welcome back message.
Game Crashes
Additional InformationI use no mods but DF Hack. I didn't activate the Beta branch for Adventure mode.
Tagscrash, reclaim, steam OS, unretire, windows 11


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