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0009549Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Moodspublic2024-02-07 14:16
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Product Version0.42.05 
Summary0009549: Artifact weapons have base-level sharpness?
DescriptionWhen weapons are created, they are assigned a "sharpness" value which is based on their material's MAX_EDGE property - base-quality weapons get 50%, well-crafted weapons get 60%, finely-crafted weapons get 70%, superior ones get 80%, exceptional get 90%, and masterful get the full 100%.

However, artifact weapons seem to only get 50% sharpness, seemingly because the "strange mood completed" function just directly sets the artifact item's quality to 5 (e.g. "item->quality = 5;") instead of calling the virtual class function which sets the quality and recalculates its sharpness (e.g. "item->setQuality(5);").
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This is actually a quite long-standing bug, dating back to version 0.23 (which also assigned the variable directly instead of calling the function) but not actually manifesting until version 0.31 (when said function started doing other things in addition to assigning quality).
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2024-02-07 14:16

reporter   ~0042026

As of version 50.11, this appears to have been fixed.

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