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0011951Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Generalpublic2024-02-07 05:22
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Summary0011951: Some work orders ignore conditions when repeating after the first time, preventing useful automation
DescriptionSome jobs, when set to repeat when finished subject to some conditions, seem to ignore the conditions and repeat forever once they've become active once.

Demonstration video:

In this video:

I create a work order to decorate with bone.
I add some conditions to the work order, which are initially not met (I don't have enough bones).
At first, the requirements are correctly evaluated as not met, and the job doesn't start.
I slaughter some animals, adding bones to my stocks and meeting the requirement.
The job starts being performed.
I add a new condition to the job, one that I know will not be met (at least 50 adamantine items; I haven't mined any adamantine in this fort yet).
Instead of stopping because its conditions are no longer met, the job just keeps repeating forever.

This is very annoying, because it means I can't set jobs like decorate with bone to run only while I have enough bones - no matter what conditions I set, the job will use up all my bones, then generate endless cancellation spam until I acquire more.
Maybe related:

Some things I've tried:

The issue seems to be tied to the specific job; "decorate with bone" always has this problem, but most jobs like "make bed" don't.
It doesn't matter whether I create the work order from the workshop or as a general work order.
It doesn't matter what the conditions are - once the job happens once, all conditions are ignored equally.
Firing my manager pauses the work order as long as the position is unfilled, but assigning a new manager just restarts the problem.

Anybody else seeing this, or has anybody else gotten these jobs working?




2022-12-20 05:29

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2023-01-01 04:43

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As far as I tested it, it is not tied to the conditions itself but to certain tasks. Even one-time orders of this kind without any conditions keep coming in as task infinitely.

1. Create new world and embark
2. Fell trees and dig for some rough gems
3. Build carpenter an make some furniture
5. Build crafter workshop and make some crafts
5. Designate manager
6. Build jeweler
7. Make order "Cut Gems" (x5, one-time order, no conditions) -> correctly decrements 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 -> order vanishes
8. Make order "Encrust finished goods with cut gems" (x1, one-time order, no conditions) -> launches infinitely staying active at 1/1 and keeps coming in the workshop tasks daily
9. Make order "Encrust furniture with cut gems" (x1, one-time order, no conditions) -> launches infinitely staying active at 1/1 and keeps coming in the workshop tasks daily

The same applies to "decorate with bone" at a crafter workshop like mentioned in the report above. I could not reproduce it with any other orders so far (tested with smelting, brewing, cooking, weaving, clothing).


2023-11-19 12:35

reporter   ~0041870

I have noticed this happening with all "decoration" tasks - gems, bones, horn, shell, and all metal studding that I tested (which was everything except iron and steel)


2024-02-07 05:22

reporter   ~0042024

I've also observed this, but I wasn't sure exactly what behaviour I was seeing at first, because in my case the affected work order was a repeating work order.

For a repeating decoration work order, you need to set the quantity to a number greater than 1, if you want to be sure what behaviour you're seeing.

What's really happening is that the number of remaining jobs isn't decremented when one job completes - a 3 x encrust finished goods with gems work order will still show 3/3 remaining when a job completes.

This isn't made clear when the quantity of a repeating work order is 1. When a job of a 1 x work order completes, the work order still being active and the quantity still being 1/1 is also what you would see if the work order completed and ignored a failing condition and became active again.

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